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4 reviews about Dymocks

16 May 2012

i love the books there, so much variety. i can sit in the shop for hours without getting bored and the staff are extremely friendly too

06 Jul 2011

The staff at this store were both knowledgeable and friendly. They were able to inform me when certain items would be in stock. Some items were not yet in stock because they had not been released in Australia yet.

17 Mar 2009

Finally we have a bookstore at The Pines! It's needed one for years!

The book sellers are always helpful, and I use my Dymocks card whenever I buy something, so I get a discount once in a while.

20 Sep 2007

Needed to take home books on approval for bookclub and return those we were not interested inpurchasing. They were to do same and would give us a discount in return. We purchased books over and above $100. The owner was more than happy to give discount as arranged and also to me personnally for a couple of books I bought independently. So far so good. A couple of days later I went in to purchase another book and asked for discount which the assistant grudgingly gave me. Next day received a call from the owner declaring that I was not entitled to a discount. Oh well, his loss

Approximate cost: $+$100

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