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20 Nov 2012

I have not been to a denist (for myself) in over 20 years. I sent an enquiry email yesterday about sleep dentistry and was called back by a very friendly and understanding lady who booked me in to see Dr. Marget this morning for a consult. I was treated respectfully and with great compassion as my nerves got the better of me and I am now very excited at the prospect of having my work done whilst I sleep and restoring my smile, something I have desperately wanted for a long time. The staff and Dr Marget could not have been nicer and in spite of what I know is a mouth full of problems were nothing but supportive and positive.

Approximate cost: $4000.00

fulton 13 Nov 2013 · 90% Trust

I had not been to a dentist for a long time and now I go every 6months and have my teeth checked and cleaned. I haven't had any problems and I know my dental work is up to date.

trisha199 25 Apr 2016 · 90% Trust

I could not agree more, I was so very stressed out but my whole experience with Dr Marget was wonderful along with his Dental Nurse Robyn - I am confident and excited now about returning to get my work done under sedation. It was the best and honestly never ever thought I would say that about any dentist.

29 Jun 2018

I had an appointment with the lovely and gentle Michelle, I can honestly say that I was thoroughly impressed not only with the quality of work but attention to detail and care for the customer is absolutely outstanding. Allister also came in and was again thoroughly impressed with his quality of work, enthusiasm and his approach and attitude was outstanding. Ill be back with the whole family. regards Luke

15 May 2018

Greatest OHT ever!! Professional, caring, thorough and a wonderful person. I can not recommend her enough.

Approximate cost: $190

13 May 2018

I had fast braces put on in September 2017 and removed in January 2018 by my dentist, Allister, at East bentleigh dental group. I had been wanting to get braces for a long time but as an adult felt very daunted by the idea of having them on for up to 18 months. Then I spoke to Allister and he told me about fast braces. I immediately googled them and read many reviews, mainly from overseas. I was quite skeptical about them as I wasn’t sure why orthodontists weren’t using them if they were so quick and easy. In the end I decided to just go for it and I’m so glad I did! The whole process was easy and pain free, apart from the first week while my teeth were adjusting to the braces but it just meant I was able to enjoy soft delicious food like soups, ice cream, custard and jelly.
I had appointments every 3 weeks roughly to get adjustments. Allister was easy to communicate with, helpful if I had questions or wasn’t sure of something and a calming, reassuring presence during appointments. I’m very happy with the results. I had one tooth next to my two front teeth which had moved far back and slightly behind them and some crooked teeth on the bottom row at the front. They are all straight and in line with my other teeth now. Can’t believe how fast the braces worked and all I have to do now is wear a plate to bed each night for 2 years to maintain my straight teeth. Would highly recommend getting fast braces!

10 May 2018

Dr Allister Yan is the kindest dentist I ever met. He has got a great demeanor about him which puts everyone comfortable and at ease even with the most complex treatment.

He is kind and talented and I would refer anyone to him.

Approximate cost: $800

We are so pleased to read about your beautiful day

10 Apr 2018

Michelle tsabari is absolutely amazing. For the first time I was able to have no pain or sensitivity she is so caring and professional

We are delighted you had a nice experience

26 Mar 2018

I visited EBDG today. Had to have a tooth extracted. Bit of a sook I am but Allister &Ana were great . Reassured me that it would be fine and it was. Over and done before I knew it . I will continue to use EDBG

23 Mar 2018

Visited Allister Yan and Michelle Tsabari. Both did an amazing job and where they were very quick to diagnose the problem and make my teeth better.

23 Mar 2018

I am terribly afraid of the dentist and have only been twice in 17 years before I was forced to arrange getting my wisdom teeth due to being in absolute agony. I was incredibly anxious about the procedure but Dr Sean was very good at putting mind at ease during the consultation and the staff at East Bentleigh dental group were really helpful- especially Nicole on reception who went above and beyond and was really diligent with everything. I opted for dental sedation with Dr Barry working alongside Dr Sean and honestly the whole thing went soooo smoothly, it felt like it was over within 5 minutes! I felt no pain and honestly don't remember anything from the procedure. So far I am healing well and can honestly say that I will be back to keep on top of my dental hygiene on a more regular basis in the future!

Approximate cost: $2700

13 Mar 2018

Dr Allister Yan is the best dentist ever. Caring, professional, curteous, explained all and great results

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