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#1 in Manly Vale NSW
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31 Aug 2015

The service is always great in this shop very helpful and friendly. The clothes are great quality and the prices are good.

14 Jul 2009

This is one of the first stores I go to when shopping for new jeans, t's and stuff. The staff here are always friendly and helpful and I always walk out with awesome new clothes

Approximate cost: $200

21 Nov 2008

I walked in randomly (drawn in by the eclectic window display perhaps?) and found three really original items of clothing (2 tops and a cool embroidered denim skirt) and a necklace I couldn't help but buy. The girls who worked in the shop were fun and gave good suggestions on what to wear the pieces with. I paid only slightly more than what I would in a chain store for some really original pieces... I am so excited to wear my new clothes!

22 Jul 2008

A funky clothes shop on the main strip in Richmond. They have a lot of decent clothes that are original, and I'm generally sure I'll find something I like each time I visit. Staff are pretty helpful and provide decent feedback for you as an individual, not just generic "it looks great" etc.

24 Sep 2007

this has been my favorite Tee shop for a long time they always have some great stuff in - when ever i need a new tee i can be assured that i will find one that i want here! no point going anywhere else

18 Sep 2007

I love this shop its where I go to get a cool t-shirt to go out in, they always have funky stuff, good place to buy jeans too! and shoes and jumpers they have a lot of stuff. highly recomended for the avid trendy melbourne shopper

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