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27 Mar 2017

Jasyn has done it again, rescued me with the recovery of a product key and got me up and running with windows 10.

He is an asset to your company, well done!

21 Mar 2017

I would not go back here again, i was charged just under a 1000 for a repair that later discovered was only a setting item that caused the problem, EBM did resolve the issue another way ( more costly ) way, i just feel either they genuinely did not know ( which is lack of knowledge on their part ) or took me for a ride! Eitherway major dissapointmnet

Approximate cost: $1000

01 Dec 2010

A good local business that's been around locally for a while now.Advice is good and they will help you .

Approximate cost: $0

Spider3 03 Apr 2013 · 60% Trust

The most recent review based on the new management is out there and speaks for itself

02 Jun 2010

This is a great service for the unemployed or pensioners as they specialize in cheap start up systems for low income families. I often clean up my old computer stuff & donate it to them so they can recycle it or install it into cheap systems.

10 Nov 2009

I found these guys very helpful in working out what computer i needed. However, i didn't go with the computer they suggested but have been back to get a great value flat screen monitor and parts for my existing computer. well done guys nice work

Ebm Computers 10 Dec 2009

Thank you so much for your feed back, we strive our selves in being the best!

14 May 2008

I was originally only going in to get prices on upgrading my ram but the man in there helped with so much info and the prices were so good that i ended up purchasing ram and a hard drive.

Approximate cost: $150

jennyp1628 19 Oct 2008 · 50% Trust

Good to hear there is one satisfied customer on here i doubt very much wether I will be returning to purchase anything else from them. My PC has never run properly, the mic connection on the box has never worked, the 2nd 1gb of RAM has never worked and my computer is still showing it has only 1gb of RAM. The customer service sucks as well.

jennyp1628 19 Oct 2008 · 50% Trust

I would stay away from them, they're hardware is cheap and nasty and their customer service non-existent. I had them place an extra 1gig of ram in my computer and had to take it back to them as the computer was not recognising the extra gig. It worked for a while afterwards but now it's karputt again and I dare not take it back to them to fix again for I fear they may damage something else in the computer so that I have to keep going back to have it serviced. Bad mistake I made buying from them in the first place.

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