Elwood Beach House Cafe

8 reviews about Elwood Beach House Cafe

16 Aug 2010

Coffee was pretty good / normal, cake was OK. Beautiful location looking out to the water and the adjoining playground is a good one. The waiter was really nice and chatty.

20 Jul 2010

I have been here a number of times, and have been underwhelmed each and every time. The absolute classic was when I went to order breakfast at about 10 minutes to 12.00pm. I was then told that the kitchen was changing over to the lunch menu. Thinking that this was ok, I asked whether I could therefore order lunch. I was told that they didn't take orders during changeover. Pressing the point, I asked whether it was possible for them to hold onto my order and pass through once changeover was finished. This was not possible. They simply refused to take my order.

Needless to say, I did not order.

On previous occasions, I have found the location to be brilliant, the service to be poor as best (it does feel that you are imposing on the staff by actually wanting to order food, or get a menu).

The food itself is average at best, not even average pub food.

I don't ask for much, just that the $ that I pay is replicated in the food and service that I receive. If I pay $ 15 for an main, I don't expect to receive a waiter trained in 5 star service, yet Elwood Beach House Cafe consistently under delivers in all aspects..... Have been three times, and each time walked away going - Why? It's the perfect location, has a family friendly closed in play area and should be rocking it in. Instead I have had sloppy service, poor quality food and a very poor overall experience.

07 Mar 2010

such a great location, safe and secure area for kids to play while waiting or while eating shame they couldn't open more windows at the front to let the breeze flow through or have some tables out the back so you can watch the kids. staff ok but could have been better given they were not that busy.

Approximate cost: $20

06 Mar 2009

I would not recommend this place to anyone! The service was terrible, the food & coffee were very average. The only positives about this place is the beach view & the playground.

Approximate cost: $15

02 Mar 2009

This could be such a good place to take the kids as there is an excellent playground in a large enclosed garden out the back but there are a few things that would have to change. I agree with an earlier reviewer that the service is really bad, You really do feel as though you are disturbing the staff just by being there and requiring food. There is also always a really bad smell near the outdoor seating. I did mention it to a member of staff one day and asked if they had a problem with their sewage or something but he wasn't slightly interested. Last time I ordered a pizza and tried to ignore the smell and sat outside but we were covered in flies and birds kept trying to steal our pizza. There always seem to be so many flies there compared with any other outdoor area. And lastly the food is pretty pricey for what it is . SO I guess the only good thing about it is the location and great playground. I wish it would improve because it is rare to be able to sit and have a coffee while your children play happily!

03 Oct 2007

I love the Elwood beach house. The service is always excellent and the food is always enjoyable. I love the fact that I can enjoy a glass of wine and have real food while the kids play in the outdoor enclosed playground

22 Sep 2007

great place to go with children, because of the attached playground and the beach nearby. You can sit outside having a coffee, whilst the kids play and you are watching them. Food is good, however staff can be a little rude, and food isn't cheap.

20 Sep 2007

This cafe promises much but delivers so little. The service is absolutely appalling. I have been there numerous times with different people and have always had the same experience... BAD SERVICE. I cannot rate the service poorly enough. The waietrs behave as though one is interrupting their day. They are churlish, arrogant and abrupt. The functionality of ordering and paying etc is ridiculous and not clearly organised. My mothers group was going there regularly and we have stopped now due to the shocking service.

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