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20 Apr 2016

Estivo has an elegant atmosphere with a welcoming waitress that showed us to our seats when we arrived. We ordered scallops & mussels as an entree which was brilliant and set the expectations for the rest of the meal. However the main was not as impressive. We had barramundi & tiger prawn, angus steak & pork. All were cooked well but presentation was ordinary and taste was just okay for the price.

Despite a number of people in the front end of the dining floor, tables were served by only one waitress. This meant service was not great and something as simple as keeping diners water glasses full was lacking.

All together the dining experience was good but not great. It is a real shame as the food and atmosphere was lovely with lots of potential for a great overall experience

13 Feb 2011

My husband picked this place for us to have a nice dinner out. I'd seen a photo of the inside from a review and I was worried that the place was a bit too crowded and "trendy" for my liking, but we'd seen someone mention that there was an upstairs that had a completely different look/feel, so we asked to be seated there.

As we arrived, the door was opened for us, and we were asked for our booking and lead upstairs to be seated. As we walked through it confirmed what I'd thought, that the downstairs wasn't the atmosphere we would like, but upstairs definitely was. There seemed to be more space between tables, it was quieter and much more romantic feel.

Looking at the menu, I didn't find anything that took my fancy at first, they had a lot of dishes I wouldn't normally eat (duck, seafood), and not a lot of dishes on offer. They don't have a separate entree menu, and just served the cheaper meals as entrees. We didn't have an entree, and I settled on a lamb dish with purple potatoes and cabbage... We didn't have to wait very long for our meal, and while it seemed small for the price (especially on the large plates), the taste was divine! I admit, I don't dine out a lot, so I don't have a lot to compare it to, but I was very impressed with my meal, the flavours were lovely and everything was perfectly cooked. While I don't like duck (more in the idea of it, than actual taste), I did sample some of hubby's dish, and it was similarly well flavoured and soft, well cooked meat. Our desserts were chocolate mousse (called "pave" I think) with cinnamon icecream. We found the the cinnamon was a refreshing break from the richness of the mousse, but without being too much of a contrast.

The waiters all seemed friendly and efficient. I noticed as other diners left the table, the waiters would come and refold their napkins. When people's glasses were empty, they ducked in to refill them, plates cleared away as soon as both diners had finished. All with an unobtrusive and well looked after feel. Despite this more formal type of atmosphere, it was still comfortably casual enough that I didn't feel out of place and everyone seemed to be comfortably enjoying themselves.

Overall I was very impressed with this place. The food was delicious and even with my limited knowledge of cuisine, I could tell it was created with care and attention to detail. While I do consider the prices to be expensive, I do think that with the great service and excellent dishes, it was worth treating ourselves. We will definitely be dining here again.

Approximate cost: $35

07 Jan 2009

Have been a regular diner since Estivo opened. Owner and Chef Adrian has a contemporary menu with good nightly specials. Its perfect for a special occasion dinner or just to treat yourself to great food. Waiting staff are constant and Ky
( matire'd) runs a professional ship.

Approximate cost: $35

24 Jan 2008

Beautifully presented dishes that are not the run-of-the-mill menu items. Very modern decor and helpful staff explaining items available.
You can see the effort that has gone into creating the dishes.

Approximate cost: $30+

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