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08 Jul 2011

Went here recently to buy an outfit for a wedding
So many nice outfits / dresses, but really poor service, and FAKE too
gosh i felt so uncomfortable the sales girls are really not at all great
Won't return here

Approximate cost: $0

ReecesCheckYaPieces 25 Jul 2013 · 0% Trust

If the below-mentioned reviews are anything to go by, then this business requires some serious intervention, which should probably commence with training staff to be attentive and courteous. They clearly have a long way to go. Thanks for the heads-up! Reeces

Iloveshopping 25 Jul 2013 · 100% Trust

Yes I know it's really not great, it's no wonder why I'm not buying as much I used to, I'm saving lots of money due to bad customer service. Or I just buy online now. Its sad that this store has not got any better, even now while shopping in parramtta I still pop in as I like Events clothing, I look at the items then either buy online or at another store.

11 Mar 2009

Went with my mummy. she tried on something, and the lady who worked there was obviously DESPERATE to sell to the point where we walked out the store. Mums dress gave her ugly bulges and the women kept on complimenting over and over. Hated it. so did mum.

ReecesCheckYaPieces 30 Jun 2013 · 0% Trust

Hi SaraM1, It’s a sad state of affairs when a business has to resort to lies in order to make a sale. While this might not cause an issue with the average individual who struggles to dress appropriately for their body type, those who display such a gift will instinctively know not to trust such a person/business. While such a business may make an ‘instant’ sale, they do so at the risk of losing any future business, as the consumer will know that they cannot be trusted. We thank you for the heads-up. Reeces

10 Jul 2008

Was looking for an outfit to wear on my wedding anniversary and it was the last store i was going to look in. I was already in a bad mood because i hadn't found anything and to be attended to be staff who were eating at the counter and not serving customers was not much help. I picked an out fit to try on but realized in the change room that it was the wrong size, i stuck my head out of the change room to receive help but there was no one there at that time. I had to get changed again and go back out to get my size which they didn't have. The lady had finally come out of the back room and when i asked if she'd check if she had my size out back she said she didn't without even checking. I asked if the castle hill store had it and she checked on her computer and said she didn't. Anyway i ended up going to castle hill shops tht same afternoon to try and find an outfit there and walked into the events store there and there on the rack was the outfit i wanted and in my size.
I would never walk into the parramatta store again

ReecesCheckYaPieces 30 Jun 2013 · 0% Trust

Hi Avwassif, Thanks for a detailed review. Astonishingly bad service and if the reviews on this website are anything to go by, then this place is worth avoiding based on a lack of customer service if nothing else. Reeces

08 May 2008

Baught a jacket they didnt have my size, they ordered from other store and told me to comeback in two weeks. I came back they had no record of the order. They reordered again and they told me they will call me back. P.S> i had already paid full amount. They didnt called me back. I called them back in two weeks again and they actually appologised that the other shop no longer has my size and that they have one size bigger and they willing to sell it to me 30% disscount so i can take it to alterations. I said no thank you very much, it is very dissapointing as you keep me running back to you. So very poor customer service.
Such a shame as a shop like that should take care of their customers especially the VIP ones.

Approximate cost: $50

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