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13 Oct 2011

I had a cut and colour (foils) at this salon. Was not overly impressed. I didn't walk out feeling 'great' as you like to do when you leave the hairdresser. The cut wasn't great and my hair still felt heavy (usually hairdressers cut it in a way that thinks it because it is really thick) and the colour was blah. Maybe it was just the individual hairdresser I had. They didn't do anything specifically wrong but they didn't do a wonderful job either. I won't be back.

04 Apr 2011

My experience at this salon was pretty good. I got a cut, colour and manicure done.

At first I was disappointed at how quickly the hairdresser raced through the application on the roots. She also tried to upsell foils with my colour, however, she was never pushy, and didn't mention it again once I had declined.

The manicurist was nice, and chatty, though I was disappointed when my colour started chipping the next day!

The hairdresser who completed my colour and did the cut was very good, taking lots of time, and listening carefully to what I wanted before proceeding.

Overall I was very happy with the results of the colour and cut. For the price I paid, it was well worth it. That being said, if/when I return I'd be hoping to go on a day where the salon is less busy and staff seem less flustered.

10 Jan 2008

excellent location, all-in-one salon: hair, nails, waxing. nice staff, but my favourite therapist left without notice, which was a bit of a disappointment. never hard to make an appointment, clean, calm environment.

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