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20 Jul 2017

Fallon solutions was recommended by a friend. The job was done perfectly and the installation process was handled in no time. Thank you so much!

Fallon Solutions 21 Jul 2017

Hi antoniow385, thank you for the review, glad you were impressed with the service!

18 Jul 2017

WARNING - EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE AND IF THEY BREAK SOMETHING THAT YOU DID NOT ASK FOR, YOU HAVE TO PAY WITHOUT ANY OPTION. My feedback is not on the plumber but on the way and the price that Fallon charged. I arranged for Fallon to come to my house for quote of few jobs that I want to do according with my priorities. After checking around, the plumber said that my hot water unit was too old and very low performance, but I did not ask anything about it. As my house is old and I just bought it, I know that I will find a lot of problems around, but I cannot fix everything at the same time, regards to the cost. He TESTED the pressure relief valve, again without my permission or consent, and the valve did not come back to the original position, and I had hot water everywhere. Finally he closed the main tap to stop the hot water. He said I have to replace the valve otherwise I cannot use hot water (+-$300 because I am a member, otherwise it was going to cost much more). I asked for a quote and I HAD to pay for something that I did not ask for and without any option. I could not believe it, my concern now is if I ask for a quote and they touch something and break, I have to pay to fix it. I called the customer experience manager and he said it is a normal procedure (testing things without your permission) and he promised me $100 back, but I did not receive anything until now.

Fallon Solutions 19 Jul 2017

Hi GU OL, we are sorry to hear that you feel your complaint is unresolved. I have called you and left a voicemail as we would like another shot at resolving your concerns. We hate to see an unhappy customer and hope to resolve your concerns. Please do give us a call back on 07 3846 3666. Thank you, Steve (Customer Experience Manager.)

28 Mar 2017

We had Joseph Eagan (drain specialist/plumber) come out and look at some of our drainage & plumbing issues. He answered all our questions & provided possible solutions. Very happy with the work Joseph did!!

Fallon Solutions 28 Mar 2017

Thanks very much for the review, rejieliw! Great to hear that Joe provided excellent service and had your plumbing issues sorted.

26 Feb 2017

Fallon Air Conditioning Team

On Friday I had my air conditioning installation. It went fantastically as the technician team were proactive in finding solutions and making it smooth and successful. Happy days!

I do want to make a special mention of Ashleigh Hassell from the Customer Service team. Ashleigh is truly customer focussed and solved a very tricky scheduling problem which arose. I really hope that Fallon realise just what an asset Ashleigh is to your team as she's amazing!

Thank you so much Ashleigh and the guys who did the actual installation especially Francois and Nathan (sorry but can't remember the other 2 guys names but they were awesome too) :0


Fallon Solutions 27 Feb 2017

Thank you for the review Mary, we really appreciate it and I will make sure the technicians and Ashleigh receive your feedback also.

17 Feb 2017

Service was absolute quality! Service was efficient and the Peter was great. Extremely easy to organise the job and have it completed the same day! This is a real person reviewing this by the way, would definitely recommend and request service again!

Fallon Solutions 20 Feb 2017

Hi Peter, thank you for the review! Great to hear you were pleased with the service.

17 Feb 2017

Peter Carroll was very quick, friendly and efficient. Explained the job and process before completing any work .Thank you

Fallon Solutions 17 Feb 2017

Hi yanir, thank you for the review of Peter. Glad to hear you were pleased with his service.

16 Feb 2017

Peter was very professional in his approach to his work and a credit to your business, with excellent customer repore.

Fallon Solutions 16 Feb 2017

Thank you for the review of Peter, glad you were pleased with his service.

15 Feb 2017

Peter and Joseph wonderful work very pleased withe the job. Would recommend the to anybodynedingplumbing work

Fallon Solutions 16 Feb 2017

Hi Juliev164, thank you for the recommendation. I will pass the good feedback on to Peter and Joe.

14 Feb 2017

Lachlan H showed up very informative on the situation, kept us in loop through the whole process. Cleared our drains a.s.a.p. Thanks.

Fallon Solutions 15 Feb 2017

Hi keithr484, thank you for you review of Lachlan. Glad he could have your drains up and running again.

14 Feb 2017

Lincoln andMatt replaced my hot water system after establishingitasthe cause of a gas leak . They were efficient courteous and highly professional. I would give the a five statrYing

Fallon Solutions 14 Feb 2017

Thank you for the review, leob110. Glad that Lincoln and Matt were able to have your hot water system up and running again.

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