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28 reviews about Fantastic Cleaners Melbourne

11 Jan 2017

Used for move out cleaning. No complains from the landlord. I'm very happy with the service and the cost. I got my full bond back as well.

27 Oct 2016

Got my carpet cleaned by Fantastic Cleaners team. It now looks amazing. such a big difference. Will gibe them a call again if I need help with cleaning job

04 Oct 2016

Cleaners did a good job. so many issues with the call centre/company, first they moved my appointment from an 8am to 1pm then to noon one day prior. On the day itself I called 20min to make sure they will be on time and they said yes, at noon they sent me a text saying it will be late (approximately 1 hour late) when I am standing at the doorway waiting for them. I asked the subcontractor/cleaner they told me that they have informed the company at 8am and it was not their fault that the company didn't call me. Was quoted only 1.5hours although i gave sqm and also number of rooms and toilets. On the day itself called and said that it will take roughly 2.5 hours-3 hours for the general clean and they cannot clean the windows cos that is additional charge and balcony is "too large". I chose this company because I thought it was a larger company that would be more reliable but I they are dishonest. I got a quote from another smaller/independent cleaner that was cheaper and when I told them the quote they slash their prices to match the independent cleaner; the final quote was nearly $100 more than the FIRST quote (without the price matching). I told them no just do your original quote and I will do the rest. So i still had to go back and clean the remaining rooms (balcony + laundry room not done). Imagine paying for a move out clean but ending up having to do your own clean as well. Horrible horrible customer support and will say anything to "get" your sales but changes their tune after... Will never go back to them no matter how well the subcontractors/cleaner did the job

Approximate cost: $359

Dear bees106,

Thank for your honest feedback and the time spent on the phone with one of our Customer Care Representatives! We would appreciate if you give us a chance to redeem ourselves in the future for the situation that has occurred!

Feel free to contact us if you need further assistance!

Kind Regards,
Fantastic Cleaners Melbourne

16 Sep 2016

Absolutely happy with the service provided. I called for oven cleaning... a friendly agent asked me for more details and gave me a quote, a nice one. The appointment was made in time convenient to me. I don't think that I've ever seen this oven so clean. It is an old one (but good one). My wife loves it and she was delighted with the result. Good job. You have 5 stars from me.

24 Aug 2016

We were celebrating my daughter's graduation and the party ended with many great memories and one pretty big wine stain on the couch. My wife tried to clean it but it didn't work so we called professionals. It was the right decision. Stain is gone, couch is clean and now we have only good memories from the graduation party.

22 Aug 2016

Booked to clean a vacant property that had recently been fully repainted throughout, no furniture. I received call after 2 cleaners had been in the property for 3 hours advising me that there would be an additional charge on a half hour basis to complete the clean of the house.

They had been booked to clean windows, oven, kitchen and bathroom. However in the combined 6 hours they only managed to clean two small bathrooms the laundry and oven. This is a small house. I don't know if they are a scam or just incompetent.

I instructed them to stop cleaning and leave the property as I didn't want to pay them anymore, still cost me $360 for the incomplete job. I spoke to a supervisor who was unapologetic and unable to explain why it had taken so long to clean a vacant property.

Approximate cost: $360

Dear jonathanh3,

Thank you for your feedback and for the chance to resolve the matter within time.

We are glad we managed to make it up to you. However, we would like you to know that based on what we have been informed, our services are passing even stricter inspections in order to prevent such situations from happening in the future!

If there is anything that we can assist you with, please let us know! We will be happy to help!

Kind Regards,
Fantastic Cleaners Melbourne

19 Aug 2016

We decided to move in another house and everything just happened very fast. I needed to schedule a last-minute move-out cleaning and I'm very happy I found Fantastic. They managed to arrange the thing and send cleaners on the next day. I had an extremely satisfying experience with the agent over the phone and the cleaners on the place. Nice work, full bond back, very happy with the service.

15 Jun 2016

I'm very happy with the service provided by the team and it is a big deal for me saying that because I'm usually disappointed by the most services I use. I have high standards and very specific requirements. The both cleaners that came to my house were very thorough and did all small tasks I requested paying great attention and with no complaints. Will use again!

19 May 2016

I called 3 companies for a cleaning quote and chose Fantastic. The deal was good and the time of the appointment suited my requirements perfectly. Flexibility on scheduling is a must with my busy working days and quality of the cleaning itself was very very good. That was the service I was looking for and I'm glad I found these guys.

18 May 2016

Didn't complete the job to satisfaction, did not honour their guarantee and were extremely unhelpful. Avoid at all costs.

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