16 reviews about Flying Fish

22 Oct 2016

I moved from frankston to seaford I use to go to ashliegh ave fish shop but this one was closer never again would not feed there food to my dog had fish bites hamburger with the lot and a souvalki all disgusting

Approximate cost: $22

21 Jan 2016

I love the food here! Even though we've moved down the road and have closer fish and chip shops, I'd rather go here because of the range of great tasting food. The owners are always very friendly, giving excellent customer service.

11 Dec 2015

Favourite Fish & Chip Shop in my area. Great deal packages, cheap price. Quality food every time.

Approximate cost: $30

29 Sep 2014

Tried the grilled fish. Very nice. Certainly one of the better fish shops in the area. Also, the shop has an area with chairs and tables to allow patrons to eat in. Have also tried the fried fish with chips in the past. Chips cooked just the way I like. Give them a go.

22 Jun 2013

the food is always yummy cooked right at this store steak sandwiches yummy snack packs to die for and there crab sticks yummy the chips taste great there friendly staff and the deserts yummy mars bars in batter yummy

04 Apr 2013

i go here quite a bit and i always leave pretty satisfied. the chips are great when they actually put chicken salt like i ask. i love the potato cakes and dim sims.

Approximate cost: $15

13 Aug 2012

I have been to this eatery previously and found it to be quite good, the fish had the right amount of batter and fried to a nice golden colour.

Chips were crispy and golden .. so its all good!

12 Aug 2012

Ordered our fish and chips from here on Saturday night, we had the calamari packs with 12 calamari rings, chips & sauce, soulvaki, chicken nuggets ( which i didnt really think you could go wrong with ) and soft drinks. When we got home to sit down and eat our dinner. All the calamari rings which totalled 28 calamari rings were cooked to the point, of totally dry every single one it was uneatable, the packs with 12 calamari rings & chips arent cheap. Approx $14.00 and as the calamari rings were the main part to our meals, all we really ate was chips.

Approximate cost: $50.00 total

24 Jul 2011

Very nice burgers and chips are always nice and crunchy however the medium size of chips I would call small. The grilled flake is delicious but in there was one time the fish was not so good. The place is tired looking and the toilets seem to be out of order all the time????? A good old fashioned fish and chip shop

01 Mar 2011

I have been to the flying fish on numerous occassions, the staff are friendly, polite, and always double check your order before placing your order, you have to wait a little while for it to be cooked but defently worth the wait. Yum Yum

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