2 reviews about Forever New

05 Nov 2008

Although I like the style of the clothing and accessories in Forever New I have found the staff at the store in Cannington to be quite rude at times. Went in there one day and they had signs everywhere advertising a sale. They'd put new price tags on everything indicating the prices which I believe to be value for money, yet when i went to pay for a pair of shorts that were on sale, tag with the sale price and all, they refused to sell it to me at that price, claiming the sale did not start until the following day, nowhere had they put anything up stating this, they refused to change the price or sell it to me. I have also bought a bag from another forever new store which broke the first time i wore it, was very dissapointed due to the price i had paid.

12 May 2008

Great clothes, fairly good prices. The problem is head office - staff are not allowed to take anything out of the windows (so it's too bad if the only thing left in your size is on a manequin), order things in for customers, etc. They don't call you when things come in. And if you write to their website, don't expect a reply, you're only a paying customer trying to buy things after all!

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