8 reviews about Formosa House

29 Aug 2013

We've gotten take away from this pace several times, always the Mongolian Lamb & steamed rice, and its yum. I've never had a problem, the staff are a little abrupt but they are at most Chinese restaurants. I've found the prices not too bad, probably on the steeper side, but not crazy.

29 Feb 2012

Really great place. Looks like nothing from the street but fantastic replica of a Taiwanese house. Great quality food but a little pricey for the area. If live locally great for takeaway. Noticed a lot of takeaway. Highly recommend.

24 Jun 2010

Staff hoverd around you and stood at end of table watching you eat. Not many customers so staff tended to stand around the table watching you finish your meal looking for things to do and virtually take your plate away as your still chewing your last mouthful. Not Great quality chinese for price have had better

Approximate cost: $21.50

jacintab 24 Jun 2010 · 85% Trust

I believe I was being a little generous with review only because it does look like a nice clean restaurant.

12 Oct 2009

I find the ratings on this site somewhat dubious. The claim that this restaurant does not use MSG is simply not true. I have eaten here a few times, and being allergic to MSG, suffer badly each time. I ate there again last night thinking things had improved and on the strength of the postings, but never again! It is such a shame because it is a lovely-looking restaurant with nice ambiance, but the food and service leave a lot to be desired.

30 Jul 2009

After having our last and final meal there we will not be eating from there again. We use to frequently visit this restarant, but since it burnt down a year ago, we have found their food to be not as great as it used to be.
Prices went up and quality went down on their takeaway menu.

Approximate cost: $17.00

15 Nov 2008

The staff are very friendly at Formosa House and the food contains no MSG. I enjoyed dinning here and the take-away menu is just as good as dining in.

Approximate cost: $varies

15 Nov 2008

This place is great. They staff are very freindly and the food contains no msg. I have eaten here morn than once as i have not found a chinese take away or eat in restaurant that compares to this one. AAA+++

Approximate cost: $varies

25 Nov 2007

Situated on Springvale Rd, just before you hit the Eastern Fwy, Formosa House is a distinctive traditional looking Chinese Restaurant, and is sure to grab your attention. After passing it numerous times, I decided to check it out for myself. The entree of spring rolls was superb, but I was a disapointed in the special fried rice and the main. The rice was gluggy and you needed a microscope and a sieve to actually find a prawn which was like finding gold, hard work and not enough of them. The cost was quite steep and unfortunately, the meal did not live up to the expectation.

Approximate cost: $20

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