10 reviews about Freshworld

27 Oct 2018

Please Note: Freshworld Burwood is now under new ownership & is longer part of the Freshworld group of stores.

09 Aug 2013

The fruit and vegetables are always fresh and the quality is great. They also sell a range of nuts, honey, juice, dried fruit, bread and dried spices.

02 Feb 2013

freshworld burwood is right over woolworth in the burwood plaza so I usually compare prices for some or most of the fruits and veggies . For 70 percent of the time the products are cheaper at freshworld especially parsley and herbs are so much cheaper!

23 Sep 2012

This place is good for getting fruits and veggies for a reasonable price. The staff are quite friendly as well ! They also sell a range of nuts, seeds and bread.

21 Sep 2012

I shop there often and am always pleased with the service and quality of fruit and vegies. They used to be cheaper but I suppose everything is going up with the carbon tax.

localperson 22 Sep 2012 · 100% Trust

Its such a shame how much the Carbon Tax has ruined. I do have to say that these guys still do have good specials every now and then, just not as many

04 Aug 2012

for a fresh fruits/vegetables store to be able to survive right next to a big woolies , it has to be great . and freshworld is great . best quality fruit/vegetables , cheaper prices than woolies for some products , availability of stuff like lebanese bread etc and nice staff helping you whenever you need it . they got the best tomatoes!

27 May 2012

I've been shopping at Freshwold for years, primarily because of their high quality, fresh produce and decent prices. Their specials are usually found at the front of the shop, with bananas and apples at number 1 for bargains. During the summer months they sell delicious boxes of mangoes at a really good price, and their seasonal cherries are absolutely amazing too! Although there's often alot of staff on, I've found them to get extremely busy during the afternoons after school and on the weekends. However, in saying this the staff are really good in processing each purchase as quickly as possible, so you're not waiting too long. Additionally, they sell bread and a range of nuts and seeds which are conveniently located near the registers.

19 Mar 2012

Great value for money and always a fantastic variety of seasonal fruit and vegetables. They live up to their name 'fresh' world, you won't find limp carrots or rotten tomatoes here!

11 Feb 2010

I'm Always trying to find the freshest fruit and vegetables for my budget. Fresh-world offers me both. Their produce is always rotated and they have a large variety than other stores.

10 May 2009

A great range of fruit at often great prices - and a nice selection of fruit juice/cordial at good prices too. A fair place to shop as far as greengrocers go.

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