5 reviews about Fruits Of Passion

30 Oct 2013

Great spot for breakfast. Sometimes can feel a little crowded but actually this adds to the coziness of the place. The menu has creative dishes mixed in with traditional breakfast fare. We will be back! Kids loved the smoothies!

Approximate cost: $15

03 Jan 2012

My few visits to Fruits of Passion have all resulted in great quality beverages, as long as I was prepared to wait a loooong time to receive them.

27 Apr 2010

Love the pancake they have in this place. The serve is huge. It is sure to leave you full and satisfied by the time you are done with it. The coffee is good to.

Approximate cost: $15

22 Mar 2009

We went on a Sunday morning. There was a very long wait for coffee. So long we had one round when we would have preferred two. We ordered pancakes, passion eggs with salmon and a vegetarian omelette. The macchiato coffee is a tougher test of coffee and Fruits of Passion failed. It was very ordinary. The pancakes were average. They were very skimpy on the salmon with the Passion Eggs and the sauce overwhelmed all other tastes. Omelette was so so. We won't be going back.

Approximate cost: $16

07 Jan 2008

The original Kensington coffee haunt, Fruits of Passion has been here for many years. The coffee is brilliant, without fail. Delicious cooked breakfasts that just happen to be pretty healthy are the highlight here - I love Passion Eggs: Two poached free-range eggs on crunchy toast with spinach, avocado and a light vinaigrette sauce/dressing. The original owner, the famous MaryAnne was a fitness nut (the menu in her day was even emblazoned with exclamatiosn like "We only serve fat free milk FOR HEALTH's SAKE!"). The not-so-new-anymore owners have toned down the preaching but kept much of the excellent the menu. A recent renovation has cleaned up the small space and made it less cluttered and much mroe enjoyable to sit inside. Though outside on a good day is the place to be.

Approximate cost: $15

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