Fun, Food and Friendship - Melbourne Social Club

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44 reviews about Fun, Food and Friendship - Melbourne Social Club

24 Jan 2012

Great group of people. Organisers of this club do an awesome job of providing a variety of events where you can hang out with both singles and couples in a friendly atmosphere. Events cover a broad spectrum of interests and there is something for everyone.

19 Jan 2012

Good range of activities and great atmosphere. I've always enjoyed the people there and it offers an interesting array of personalities to add to the fun =) I'm doing things I'd never try on my own and wouldn't know how to find anyway ! Different to a singles club, no pressure, but I have known couples who have met there

15 Jan 2012

Fun, Food and Friendship is a great way to meet new people and have a great time without spending a fortune. It has been a great help to me as a newcomer to melbourne to find some interesting places to go to and enjoy with a lively group from the club. I can highly recomend joining for the social experience and the value for money.

19 Apr 2011

I joined Fun Food and Friendship as I had just arrived in Melbourne and wanted to meet new people. I found a wide variety of events and activities on offer with options to suit all tastes and budgets. Fun Food and Friendship introduced me to some great drinking and dining venues and sporting events without having to to my own research. I would definately recommend this club to anyone who has just arrived in the city or for locals who want to meet new friends.

17 Jan 2011

I really enjoy being a member of Fun, Food and Friendship, the venues are always very classy and I really like the winery tours. Even though I have always lived in Melbourne, since I have joined the club I have been to so many places that I never knew existed and everybody is always friendly.

16 Jan 2011

Having only been a member of Fun FF for a month, I have already met some amazing people who I'm sure will be friends for life! All of the events and activities I have been to have exceeded my expectations and I am looking forward to all of the upcoming events which I have already booked in for! I would recommend the Fun FF Social Club to anyone new to Melbourne and looking to meet new people, or anyone who just wants to do a variety of different activities they perhaps normally wouldn't do within their own social groups. Fun FF definitely is a great way to meet people and have a blast doing it!

11 Jan 2011

What a fantastic opportunity! I have recently moved to Melbourne and didn't know anyone. I searched for social organisations on the internet and came across Fun, Food and Friendship. I decided to take the plunge and join. Despite being a little apprehensive before my first event I have never looked back. I have met so many wonderful people, many of which are now close friends and my social calendar has never been so full. The variety of events is incredible. Amongst my favourite were sailing, jet boating and numerous meals at great venues. I would highly recommend Fun, Food and Friendship to anyone who is new to Melbourne or if you just don't have time to organise a social life for yourself. The value for money is also a great attraction.

23 Jul 2009

in comparison to other clubs that offer similar services I think it offers good variety and value for money - there is lots to do and also include alot of freebies- great location also

13 Feb 2009

Lots of fun and interesting things to do including stuff that you may not have been aware of before, in comparison to other clubs that offer similar services I think it offers good variety and value for money.

20 Jan 2009

I've been involved with FFF for 4 years. There are always a variety of activities to choose from ... sports(watching and participating), arts, dining, races, road trips ... and plenty of opportunities to meet new people.

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