22 reviews about Gateway Hotel AYCES Bistro

28 Nov 2014

The Gateway Hotel, Ayces Bistro is great. The staff are friendly the food is good, as long as you get a fresh batch. And there's even a kids playpark.
The values pretty good, considering it's all you can eat. I personally like it because there is a wide range.
I highly recommend it if your looking for a good, family friendly feast.

Approximate cost: $22,00-

01 Jun 2014

If I could go anywhere for dinner it would be here! All you can eat with the best variety and the best bit is you can have your dessert first! And the fried rice is to die for!!!

01 Jun 2014

all you can eat for $30! and a huge variety in meals from Chinese to roasts and soups and lots of yummy desserts!

10 Jan 2014

Wow, where to start...

Let me first say - every single employee provides exceptional customer service, very friendly and polite, were prompt to remove plates, change empty food items from buffet, even suggested drink specials to save money - fantastic work ladies and gents.

Everything was clean and the place was decked out in a comfortable modern furniture settings.

But the main reason I write this review is all about the buffet.

What do you get for a $23 dollar buffet these days...

Well that depends on what you consider 'food'.

The Pork & Lamb was reasonable... but only if you got it while it was still being carved on the platter - otherwise it gets drowned in what would best be described as a watery soup of small meat trimmings... bland, apple sauce isn't going to help that sucker if had all is juices drained out by sitting in a swimming pool of water for 30mins~.

Scallop potatoes were more like disks of hard potato sitting in a yellow soup (not cheese, had no flavour), and raw uncooked onion pieces.

Here's a tip, those little frankfurt hot doggy things sitting in water... change brands or swap out the water because they have the stench of DEATH, a rank smell of decomposing flesh from artificial chemicals type of DEATH.

All the 'asian' inspired dishes, seriously it was all just bland - nothing could stand out, blind taste tests at our table and we couldn't even recognize meats let alone flavours.

Sausages in gravy, my god - stay right away, the brown water called gravy - yep... you guessed it, bland, no flavour. Those sausages, were more than likely cooked boiled and just tasted like solvents... how a meat product can be abused that much to taste like something you'd clean the car with, we shall never know.

Meatballs, just looked like gray tennis balls sitting in what appeared to be red soup... I just kept walking on that one.

The ice cream in the soft serve machine had this distinct taste of the cheapest homebrand ice cream, I really think that's all it was... Virtually just leave a tub of vanilla ice cream out on the bench for an hour, voila~ soft serve machine buffet ice cream.

Custard... HA - tasted like yellow soup mixed with flower and sugar, homebrand custard powder tastes better than that stuff your trying to pull of as custard.

The slices were mostly alright, the sticky date squares were a thumbs up also.

Overall, everything just looked a bit sad in the food warmers, no flavour, sitting around lonely waiting to be picked up by the hungry hordes.

I could be wrong, the place had people putting down reservations, couples and family's all eating and almost a full seating.

It all comes down to what you think $23 dollars is worth.

If your thinking "I want to drill in as much generic bland food as I can until my belt buckle pops off and hits my loved one in the skull for $23 bucks" then ignore this whole review, enjoy and have a good night out.

If you have any common sense, might be a good idea just to keep driving down that highway right past this establishment, maybe even put the foot down on the accelerator.

Also on one last note, its a pokies venue - save your cash, you aren't going to win from the big electronic money eating machine.

Approximate cost: $23 - all you can eat.

ReecesCheckYaPieces 20 Aug 2014 · 0% Trust

Hi Mongoose_and_Wombat, thanks for a brilliantly detailed review! Itâ??s so terribly sad (not to mention disturbing) that this is what many now refer to as â??foodâ??. Given that hungry hoards simply â??chew briefly and swallowâ??, we doubt quality matters in such cases. However for those of us who expect a little more from our food, such places are best avoided. Once you get a so called chef who is inclined to use packet mixes, he/she should abandon his/her title, as they are an insult to their profession. The items mentioned are all basic and can be prepared with ease and minimal expense however it would appear that too many corners have been cut in an attempt to save money. (Indeed, many gastronomic ventures can be produced with a minimal sum of money and $23- can go a long way if you know what you are doing.) Loved your description about the frankfurters, after all, you have described the â??cheap and nastyâ?? version most adequately, as they are undoubtedly little more than a mixture of off-cuts and artificial chemicals. As for the Asian inspired dishes, these are some of the simplest (and cheapest) to prepare and how one injects blandness into them, must be an art form in which we are not familiar (nor wish to be!) Thank you for such a detailed, candid review for which we remain appreciative. Regards, Reeces

ReecesCheckYaPieces 13 Oct 2015 · 0% Trust

Now that I know your identity....ha ha! Tried to PM you but WOMO appears to have (disappointingly) removed this luxury feature from their upgraded site. Loved the review and the humour made it a complete joy to read. Certainly sounds like a place worthy of avoidance, especially for us. Warm Wishes. R

12 Nov 2013

Good price for an all you can eat restaurant, they have a large range of foods you can choose from, also for people with little ones on Wednesday kids eat free with a paying adult which is even better

11 Nov 2013

this is all you can eat so make sure you go there hungry,they have a large range of dishes to choose from i love their fish its always the first thing i go for ..great value for money and quite cheap for the family

10 Nov 2013

if you love your food as much as i do then this place is great, all you can eat at great prices. so much to chose from and the desserts are amazing .

05 Nov 2013

We come here often with the kids they have a great play room & kids eat free on Wednesdays,I could eat here everyday the have a great variety of salads & desserts the meat is carved in front of you & the soup is always nice & the staff are always friendly

01 Nov 2013

great place to take the kids for lunch or dinner, they offer a kids club for the chidlren, a nice child safe play space for the little ones to play, kids eat free on wednesdays, entertainment for the kids overall a good night out

31 Oct 2013

this is an all you can eat bistro they have a large variety of buffet type dishes and the food is rather good...i love the carvery and their apple crumble is delicious...Wednesdays they have a special kids eat free and they have a clown come in and entertain the kids...it is fantastic value if you can eat alot

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