7 reviews about Gilbert Street Hotel

21 Sep 2015

Wings on Thursday!!! Although you can buy yourself a kilo for a lot cheaper elsewhere, they'll both cook and then clean up after you've made a mess of yourself! Ideal if you ask me.
They have this one called 'Suicide' of which I am yet to try. It's $5 extra, but I'm sure it's worth it.
Can't wait!!!

10 Dec 2014

$10 kilo bowl of buffalo wings on Thursdays!
Their usual pub menu isn't that cheap for a pub, but they have good value small plates. Try the smoked beef fillet mignon.
I do however like their pasta and their tea smoked duck risotto.

Approximate cost: $avg

07 Jul 2013

Groovy little pub with excellent service and a DJ playing retro tunes. Great place to relax with a couple of drinks on a Saturday night. The menu looked great too - will definitely try it out.

reviewer-guy 08 Jul 2013 · 100% Trust

Sounds great, might have to check it out sometime.

04 Jan 2013

The Gilbert is my friend's local so sometimes we have dinner at the amazing Market and then wander down to the Gilbert for a drink. It's a lovely pub with heaps of style and a great front area. It is undergoing renovations at the moment, I'm certain the back is going to be just as pretty.

The most amazing smells were wafting out of the kitchen the last time we went there, and looking into the awesome dining room with pretty wallpaper and a bunch of happy looking folks eating there, I promised myself I'd be back to try their menu!

The staff are friendly and lovely too.

03 Jan 2013

I love the Gilbert. Great atmosphere after work on a Friday & their special wings on a Thursday night are to die for. Can't wait to visit their new beer garden in Summer.

Approximate cost: $17

22 Nov 2010

This is a very nice pub for a meal or a drink. Great decor. There is a dinning area, front bar, beer garden, small pokies lounge and a newly opened bar, function room and balcony upstairs.

11 Jul 2008

I really enjoyed last time I visited this pub. It has a nice setting with a good atmosphere. I went on a Thursday night and they had a great Acoustics player there. The food was delicious. The prices are as expected, not too expensive but not on the cheap side either. I liked that it didn't get too busy but at the same time still had good atmosphere. If you're nearby check it out sometime, a good pub.

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