4 reviews about Ging Wah Oriental Tea House

09 May 2016

Love oriental tea house. They have the best dumplings. Especially the dessert dumplings. They are delicious!

annc631 22 May 2016 · 80% Trust

White chocolate dumplings are the best <3

21 Jul 2015

Love oriental tea house. I highly recommend the Shanghai pork dumplings and also the dessert dumplings here <3

annc631 02 Aug 2015 · 80% Trust

Have to come back here again soon! So good

05 Jan 2010

I have being going to Ging Wah all my life and it is truely a great restaurant, have no hestitation in recommending to anyone who enjoys great food and a great atmosphere!

27 Jan 2008

How pleased are we to see the re-opening of the old Ging Wah Restaurant which our family and friends regularly visited for over 30 years. After a break of a couple of years, this opened with a fresh look - still hosted by Soo and Henry who give wonderful service to the many who class Ging as their favourite Asian spot. Eating here is always a pleasure and we are happy to be directed to new dishes and tastes. This has always been the place where children (now grown up) take their young friends and in some cases three generations are visiting.

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