5 reviews about Golden Unicorn Seafood Restaurant

14 Sep 2015

Fantastic... Such great food this is one if the best restaurants in the eastern suburbs. Thumbs up

Approximate cost: $12.

08 Feb 2015

Just went there for yum cha (and go there for dinner once in awhile). The food is tasty enough- not the best in the world, but better than other yum cha restaurants. The service is good as we go there frequently and they recognize us. It is a bit pricey but nothing above the average prices for yum cha around Sydney. There is no waiting time most of the time, which is good. I just wish there was a lift or it was on ground floor, as the pram is bit heavy to carry up. All in all, okay!

Approximate cost: $15

JM2015 09 Feb 2015 · 100% Trust

What a fantastic experience, certainly enticing to new customers like me :-)

13 Nov 2011

Went yum cha last time and the food was great, as they serves traditional dim sum. There were a lot of chinese and westerns as well, so should queue earlier. Bit pricey.

Approximate cost: $15

11 Aug 2009

This place is extremely expensive for what you receive, although it is one of the most authentic Chinese restaurants i have ever been too. Lovely food. Waiting time is sometimes a bit long as the place is always busy.

Approximate cost: $35

14 Jun 2008

Despite it being a seafood restaurant, I went there for a yum cha session with friends instead. The food was nice but being a busy restaurant, the service can be slow at times and the queue can be super long especially if you're hitting the place with a large group of friends - waiting for a large table to clear up made us wait about an hour before we were finally seated.

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