5 reviews about Graceville Seafoods

11 Dec 2016

Always good crispy chips and well cooked other bits, calamari etc. The fish has always been good here and their burgers are good too. Always a regular customer.

Approximate cost: $15

09 Jul 2013

Every time i have gotten fish and chips from this place, it has been really good. The calamari is one of my favourites, no stringy bits when you bite into it. We have always gotten value for money

tabatham 10 Jul 2013 · 100% Trust

I might have to try them I love calamari

19 Jul 2012

The best cheap fish and chips I can find around the western suburbs! Give this place a try, the fish (particularly the snapper) is relatively fresh, well cooked, the batter is wonderfully crispy and the chips have a good amount of crunch to them.

The hamburgers (even the plain ones for $5.50) are pretty decent. I'd steer clear of teh meal packs which include a sloppy salad not worththe money and the only down point to a decent fish & chip shop.

Approximate cost: $10

03 Jul 2008

The fish and chips from here are great, but the steak sandwich is the best! The staff were friendly, and although we had to wait awhile for our food it was clear they were very busy on the day we went.

14 May 2008

Great, Quick Fresh Seafood and Hamburgers.

They are always busy but their seafood is always fresh and great tasting.

I would recommend this to anyone wanting a quick fresh seafood takeaway.

Approximate cost: $5-$7

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