Hampton Fruit Centre (Hampton Market)

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17 reviews about Hampton Fruit Centre (Hampton Market)

01 May 2018

Quality of fruit and vegetables here are high but unfortunately so are the prices :-( Will buy here out of necessity when required

11 Jul 2016

Good fruit and vegetables. Very good produce and fresh but unfortunately I've stopped going because they've gotten too expensive now

24 Aug 2015

We didn't have a good experience here - cashier was very rude to my husband and whilst the fruit and veg looked to be reasonable quality, it was very expensive. Needless to say we won't be back.

Approximate cost: $50

31 May 2015

TOO expensive. Quality is high but unfortunately so are prices and they get away with it because they know they can because it's Hampton! I avoid this place now

annc631 01 Jul 2015 · 80% Trust

WAY TOO EXPENSIVE! Crazy prices now!

01 Jan 2015

Getting expensive to shop here now. Unfortunately I avoid it because I now find the prices too high. The quality is always good and staff are very friendly but it's just not competitive anymore. :-(

04 Mar 2014

A great shop for fruit, veggies and flowers. Produce is always fresh and the staff are friendly and helpful. I just adore their freshly squeezed orange juice, it's the best I've ever bought.

05 Sep 2013

Hampton market is very friendly and reliable. They always have fresh fruit and veges and other essentials such as milk and pasta. Staff are very friendly and willing to help you when they can. It gets busy but never too busy and you don't have to wait long. Handy one stop shop for the essentials. Can be a bit expensive but that's Hampton for you1

07 Apr 2011

Love the selection of fruit and vegetables here, they are always looking lovely and fresh. Great flowers at fantastic prices compared with other places. The meats are great, you can get some lovely cuts here and not expensive compared with other butchers.

15 Aug 2010

i thought these people were great in there service very freindly and most of thier prices were good although some could have been better

Approximate cost: $12

25 Feb 2010

Great fruit and veg - Always have good seasonal specials. And staff are happy to help, especially when you have young kids. So much better tasting than supermarket fruit/veg - you can really notice a difference.

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