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13 Jun 2007

Lack of attention to this customer

I used Hansens for 5 years for both my business and personal tax matters. Initially they were very helpful and responsive (I dealt mainly with the founding partner, Harold Hansen), but in that short period of time, the firm grew very fast and employed a lot of young people. I noticed a drop in service levels and a very steep increase in fees. I was very annoyed when their inability to notify me about a change in due date for lodgment of my tax return was going to cost me a lot of money in interest (it was my fault that the due date changed, but they should have still notified me). But I ceased using them when they charged me over $300 for a one line amendment in my tax return. I have since been much happier with my new accountant at H+R block. Whenever the partners would come out to meet me at my business, they would always try to sell me agri business tax planning strategies, which I repeatedly told them I wasn't interested in. If you want a good SME accounting firm, consider Grant Thornton.

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