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74 reviews about Happy House Sitters

02 Feb 2016

We have used the Happy House Sitters website service for several years now. It is a cut above similar services in my opinion. The admin team are keen to listen to user feedback and the website is well managed. The quality of house sitters has been generally high. If I need to email for an enquiry about the site or other matters Malcolm and his team are always quick and efficient in responding.

I would gladly recommend Happy House Sitters to anyone seeking to connect with potential house and pet sitters.

15 Oct 2017

Folks Just a quick note for feedback to say - congratulations on such a clean and easy to use website. Looking very good! I look forward to connecting with more happy hosts through your great service! Regards, Lisa

15 Oct 2017

Many thanks for a delightful experience. We have bought a home in Bega,and no longer on the road. Your service was superb.

15 Oct 2017

This is an extraordinary site.
Can't believe how easy it was and also how quickly I found a sitter...less than 24 hours. Five requests!

Thanks for your kind words

12 Oct 2017

I was a member of Happy House Sitters (HHS) for 12 months and was not able to secure a single house sit. Whilst I appreciate this is not guaranteed, I do find this surprising as I am a professional house sitter and have been able to secure many regular placements through other house sitting sites.

After joining HHS as a member on 27th October 2016 I soon became unimpressed with the functionality of the website and the level of customer service received. My requests for a response using their online contact form went unanswered as did my efforts to call to their landline number. I could not even leave a message, at the time, as the mailbox was full.

On 1st November 2016, I emailed HHS directly to cancel my account and request a refund. I was advised that this was the first they had heard of any issue and that under their T&Cs I would not be entitled to a refund. When I challenged the T&C’s I received no further response to my email.

At this point I raised a dispute with PayPal to get my money back. Within hours I received a response from HHS stating: “This email is to advise you that your Happy House Sitters account has been suspended due to a Paypal dispute being lodged. It will be re-activated if Paypal finds in our favour or if you close the dispute.”

I was surprised by this response as there was no mention of my account being suspended for this reason in their T&C’s. Again, I challenged this and received no response.

Although PayPal initially decided the case in favour of HHS I was then able to provide further information and escalate the matter to a PayPal manager. On 9th November 2016 I was awarded compensation for the full refund amount of $65.

On 12th October 2017 I wrote the following review for HHS and posted this on a few online review and community websites.

“I am member of a number of house sitting sites and sadly Happy House Sitters is the worst of the bunch. Over the course of a year I haven't managed to secure a single house sit through this site and (name removed) is not a nice man to deal with at all. Thankfully Paypal have now refunded my fees for the poor customer service received and I have had a far more enjoyable experience through (name removed) and (name removed).”

Within hours I received notifications stating my reviews had been reported by Happy House Sitters for removal as HHS believed they contained inaccurate details and/or personal information. I also received the following response from HHS on 12th October 2017.

Hi (name removed)

Thank you for your review. I'm sorry you feel your time with Happy House Sitters was not a success. However, I do feel it's important to be accurate. Firstly, you asked for a refund after using our service for 7 months. Naturally, as you had used over half your membership a refund was not possible. Secondly, PayPal did not refund you as you stated. They found in our favour. Please see the extract from the PayPal email below.

The reason your account was suspended when you lodged the Paypal dispute, is because when you lodge a dispute the funds are taken from the merchant's account. Therefore you were no longer financial.

"Dear Happy House Sitters,

We're happy to let you know that the following case was decided in your favour. Any hold on this transaction has been removed.

Transaction details
Case ID: (financial details removed)
Buyer's name: (name removed)
I do hope this provides some clarity.
We wish you all the best.
Kind regards
(name removed)"

With regards to the personal information I have only stated the owners name, which he himself uses on another review site. As evidenced above, HHS were found to be in breach themselves for publishing my personal and financial information.

HHS also claimed that I requested a refund after using their service for 7 months which was untrue. I received the following response after contacting them on 14th October 2017 to dispute this.

“It appears I've confused you with another member with regard to the timing. I apologise and will amend the review response accordingly. Also, could you please forward the copy of the paypal refund. We don't have any evidence of this.”

I have since provided evidence of the PayPal refund to HHS.

On another note my account was also suspended/cancelled again by HHS on 12th October 2017 which I believe was in response to my negative review of their company. To date I have received no response to the following email, sent on 14th October 2017, which states.

“Could you please also confirm why you closed my account before it was due to expire on 27 October 2017.”

In my opinion, I believe the way HHS have handled my complaint and online reviews speaks volumes about the company’s integrity, professionalism and commitment to customer service. I have since proved all my claims to be true and have provided supporting evidence to the various review teams to have my reviews reinstated. To date I have received no further response from HHS to my emails dated 14th & 16th October 2017 asking why they closed my account early.

Approximate cost: $69

Happy House Sitters can not guarantee you will be selected for a house sit. We are sorry you were not selected. Once you had filed a letter to PayPal we did suspend your account as we assumed you no longer wanted the account. We wish you well in future endeavours to find a house sit.

05 Aug 2017

Your yearly fee is too much in comparison to other sites which are better than this one. I won't be renewing for this reason.

We are sorry to hear that. In terms of our price point we sit sometime the middle, but are by no means the most expensive.

We are $65 for 12 months. That's 0.17c per day.

12 Sep 2016

Hi folks my wife and i have been using the house sitters for a number of years ans have found iti an excellent service , with little or no trouble, until the last house sitters. we had no complaints about the way they looked after our house and animals., but we were a little disappointed when we found out that they had invited other people to stay at our home without our permission. we believe that should never happen without permission, our home is not a hotel, motel or a do drop inn,

We also believe that the sitters should under no circumstances invite visitors into the home they are sitting. (Unless they do have permission) I would like to get in touch with the owner for you so that they can be sure what our expectations are. Can you email or phone us? admin@happyhousesitters.com.au 1300 780 809

04 Aug 2016

We have used Happy House Sitters and would highly recommend their Sitters! Trustworthy, Going above and beyond expectations are how I would describe their Sitters. "Well done!"

Approximate cost: $0

Thanks for the lovely feedback

01 Feb 2016

After planning a six-week holiday overseas and then being let down by a family friend who had planned to house-sit my menagerie of animals, I contacted Ruth at Happy House Sitters and poured out my woes. Ruth was very helpful and explained how to set up my advert. Within 2 days I received a message from a lovely retired couple from Melbourne who were coming to Qld for the winter. They looked after my 2 dogs, 2 cats, 5 chooks and 2 guinea fowl with great care. I was thrilled with the way they looked after all the animals and they even cleaned my house thoroughly before my return. I have offered them a sit whenever they are passing by.

01 Feb 2016

We have used your services 4 times now with sits in Queensland and Victoria.
The first sit was for 6 weeks and was on a 5 acre allotment in QLD, the house had 3 bedrooms with all mod cons. Even though we were traveling in our caravan, the owner made the house open to us.
The second sit was for 2 weeks and was a lovely 4 bedroom house in the suburbs of Melbourne. They had a swimming pool that we could use.
The third was a smaller house in country VIC and again it had all mod cons.
The last sit was for 3 weeks in country QLD the house was a small cottage style on several acres
In these sits we have had the pleasure of looking after a verity of animals including dogs, cats, guinea fowls, ducks and chooks.
Your website made each of these bookings very easy to apply for, and each of the home owners got back to us in a very timely manner.
We have recommended your site to others who were equally happy with the sits they have arranged.

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