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20 Oct 2015

Love the service, variety, smell and layout of this store! Prices are suitable and love the variety !! Will be visiting again very soon

Approximate cost: $7

21 Jul 2013

I come here sometimes to grab lunch with my friends. The price is alright, usually around seven bucks. When you order, they make a roll out of the crepes and wrap it around with a paper. It's not too easy to eat when you're walking, but it's not too bad when you eat it with a plastic spoon that you could grab in the store. The taste is average, I would say. But it's very filling and, I think, is conveniently located.

zahras811 20 Oct 2015 · 70% Trust

I love the location too and the prices are not too bad!

19 Jul 2013

I first visited Harajuku Crepes recently with a friend. The store offers Japanese crepes with a variety of sweet toppings (fruit, cream, ice-cream, Nutella custard, etc.) as well as drinks such as Hershey's Hot Chocolate and Bubble Tea.
When we arrived at the store, my friend's choice for "lunch", I was a little bit reluctant to step inside; It has an open front, styled a little like a patio - chairs covered the majority of the area and left a small gap to walk down to the counter. When we visited, the line stretched from the counter all the way to the front of the shop.
The menu board is printed on the wall alongside where customers were lining up, so we read our options as the line moved forward and decided what we wanted (I liked the sound of the Nutella and Strawberry Hot Crepe, but I wanted to add whipped cream to the crepe, which the staff were happy to do). The lady who took my order was not particularly friendly, she seemed to want to push me aside to serve the next customer as quickly as possible.

After ordering, there was a platform you could stand upon to watch staff cook your crepe fresh for you, and add your toppings, however it was quite crowded and customers there appeared pushy. One by one, receipt numbers were read out for customers to collect crepes; I found that people with numbers for or five after mine were being called out, and I still did not have my crepe. Finally, I noticed what appeared to be my crepe being made.

The staff were generous in applying Nutella to the crepe, but were very light on the strawberries, which was a little bit disappointing. They rolled the crepe up into a cone shape, which was lovely presentation, and then added quite a lot of cream to the top.

I found that the strawberries did not seem fresh, and the nutella and cream drowned them out a bit; I might as well have just ordered a nutella and cream crepe. The actual crepe itself had a wonderful light taste to it.

I would say that for the low price paid, the crepes are somewhat worth the money, however I would rather spend a little more in turn for fresh fruit, and more of it on the crepe. In terms of service, I liked being able to watch all of the crepes being made, however it would have impressed me more if crepes were made in correct order, and if staff had friendlier attitudes.

While my experience at Harajuku Crepes was not the worst, it wasn't a standout experience either. I would consider returning at a less busy time, to try something else, but I am not in any hurry.

Approximate cost: $7

16 May 2013

very cutesy, the smell is absolutely heavenly you can smell it from 100 meters away, crepes are filling and there's heaps to choose from - definitely satisfies sweet cravings!

zahras811 20 Oct 2015 · 70% Trust

agreed- so very cute! love the layout of the store

01 Feb 2013

Creeps wrapped up like a souvlaki. Apple & cinnamon with ice cream is my favourite. Or apple with Nutella. Heaps of options, quick and friendly. Hershey's hot chocolates are delicious

babenreviewer 24 Apr 2013 · 100% Trust

hersheys hot chocolate! omg i gotta check them out!

08 Nov 2012

Good Japanese style dessert crepes on the go. Since they are quite popular, there is always a really alluring crepe smell that is quite tempting. They have a large range of crepes that are reasonably priced. My favourite would be the strawberry, whipped cream, ice cream and custard option. Yum!

#711 in Melbourne VIC
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16 Aug 2012

Great for desserts on the go. My favourite is the banana and Nutella crepe. The crepe is always nthin and crispy. The smell is divine.

snow00 16 Aug 2012 · 100% Trust

It sounds pretty great, thanks

zahras811 20 Oct 2015 · 70% Trust

Love the smell - can smell it miles away :)

20 May 2012

I love the crepes... Very tasty crepes. My favourite is the nutella and custard. Yummy! worth to try ..

Approximate cost: $6.00

zahras811 20 Oct 2015 · 70% Trust

love the nutella and custard as well! lovely place

28 Jul 2011

I love the fact that i get to see what the crepes will look like as they are up and displayed against the back wall. I also get to see my crepes being made, which on it's own is a bit exciting. A different style of dessert that you can take and eat on the go or sit in and eat. The place is quite small though so the chances of sitting may be slim at times.
For me the nutella ones are the best :)

Approximate cost: $4.50 and up

zahras811 20 Oct 2015 · 70% Trust

Agreed- gives it a very visual idea of what you will get in each order

25 Jul 2011

Great place for a treat! You can smell the delicious crepes as you walk past. Great range of toppings

Approximate cost: $7

zahras811 20 Oct 2015 · 70% Trust

agreed- lovely toppings

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