23 reviews about Harvey Norman

30 Jan 2018

a great big store with lots of items displayed-friendly staff that helped me in finding a suitable product for myself.took me half a day to view other items they had.

18 Apr 2016

Store is never way to busy that its hard to find service, staff are always friendly. Brought alot from Harvey norman.

Approximate cost: $4000

19 Dec 2014

I purchased a LG Smart TV and to my dismay found that CatchupTV feature was not available.
Complained to the salesperson Vikas. He consulted with LG rep in the store and rang me back within few hours. With few instructions over the phone, I was able to turn on the feature.
I have read lots of bad publicity on Harvey Norman's customer service.
But, my experience in this occasion was very impressive.

Approximate cost: $900

24 Feb 2014

Often visit this store when in need of home furniture/appliances.
It's a big store with loads of variety, love to take me time to explore all the nice items in the store. Kids always get lost in the store too though they do come back.

Friendly staff members at times hard to find only because store is busy.
Loads of parking under store.

02 Aug 2013

Great quality of products
Very helpful staff with knowledge of the products
And great bargaining possibility if u buy more things at once
Plus its very large with huge collections of everything you would need in home

21 Jan 2013

Really big store with heaps of stock. I've purchased items from here and online. A big disappointment is there service, in particular the electrical department. Once I walked in there were 3 staff members talking to each other, not a single person asked if I needed any assistance. However if you manage to find what you're looking for, the prices are generally good. I wouldn't come here if you're looking for exceptional service. But it is an incredibly large store.

C123 23 Jan 2013 · 100% Trust

Yes Harvey Norman has a great range of stock!

20 May 2012

I like this store. Huge products!! Friendly service. Sometimes prices are negotiable but it depends on the product and the salesperson .

08 May 2012

I love this megastore! Its got everything you need all in the one place- bedding, furniture, electronics, white-goods and its own photo centre. We often head down for their 10c prints but depending on how many photos you print, and others in line, you sometimes have to go back the next day for collection. The staff are VERY knowledgeable and its evident that they have undergone extensive training so that customers get only the best service (and price) Many times I've been given a really good price as I've bought a whole range of products in the same purchase. I can say that my vacuum cleaner, kettle, iron, tv, internet security, laptop and fans have all been purchased from Harvey Norman Auburn and I've never had a problem. I'd recommend these guys to anyone, anyday. They truly are the definition of customer service

Approximate cost: $Best deal!

lucy91 21 Jan 2013 · 100% Trust

Agree it's probably one of the biggest Harvey Norman stores.

08 May 2012

We purchased furniture from them and found that they have a good range and choice with the best price around.

18 Nov 2011

Very helpful with assisting in downloading photos. Also Computer guys were great when replacing broken piece of hardware. Always have a good experience when shopping here.

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