5 reviews about Hawkesbury Family Practice

20 Feb 2014

The medical care is excellent. The doctors are very diligent, caring, polite and easy to talk to. The receptionists are friendly, helpful and discreet in their dealings with the patients. It can be difficult to get an appointment on the day with one of the senior doctors, but you can always get an appointment at short notice with one of the more junior doctors, who are also very capable. Appointments usually run close to or on time.

Approximate cost: $60

07 Aug 2013

There is rarely a time that you have to wait, I have been to load of doctors for the pcos, and this one was on of the most understanding doctors! Very lovely people

27 Jul 2011

Went for the first time and the whole experience was great. Couldn't believe how clean the practise was and receptionists were lovely. Waited only 3-4 minutes and the doc called us in... WOW this never happens!Doc was genuine and caring.

29 Apr 2010

The best practice i have ever been to. The service was absolutely wonderful! The practice has now moved to an even nicer place at 86 Lennox st Richmond.

Approximate cost: $60

07 May 2008

I have seen a few different doctors at this practice as it is very hard to get an appointment with a specific doctor on the day you phone. I am very concerned that while waiting for the doctor, the receptionists talk between themselves about patients medical conditions and they also name the patients, so what do they say about me when I am not there. will not go back again. will definately be using another medical centre.

Approximate cost: $50

snowee 02 Aug 2009 · 90% Trust

how long before you need to see her do you have to wait, weeks i bet, and i guess you have never heard the reception staff talk about other patients, well i have on numerous occassions. and yes dr brown is the best dr at this practice, i cant offord to wait weeks to see a dr, or the high cost as they don't bulk bill.

toddl 12 Mar 2010 · 50% Trust

David is also a great Doctor at this practice. I agree hard to get to see sometimes, but Linda and David are just so good and diligent.

claireh20 13 Nov 2013 · 100% Trust

I have been a client of this Medical Practice for a number of years, and I am happier with this Practice than any other I have ever used. I have never heard any staff make inappropriate comments or discuss the medical conditions of patients. It can be difficult to get an appointment at short notice with any specific senior GP, but I have always been able to get an appointment with one of the more junior GPs on the same day as I ring. The doctors I have seen at this practice are attentive, diligent and easy to talk to.

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