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22 reviews about Healthy Living Osteopathy

29 Nov 2017

Thorough, respectful, caring, comprehensive and individualised treatment plan. Treatment provided by Kerry has greatly improved my condition.

16 Oct 2017

Kerry is very friendly and professional. She has been treating my neck/upper back tension issues for the last few months and I can definitely notice an improvement in mobility as well as a reduction in the number of my tension related headaches.

21 Sep 2017

Very professional, friendly and I had excellent results for an issue that had been a long term problem.....

08 May 2017

I recently took my 89 yo father to see Kerry as he was experiencing great pain with a shoulder tear, arthritis and bursitis pain and had no relief from cortisone injections, Kerry gentle and caring and an excellent communicator. [redacted clinical content] . We are so grateful to Kerry, she is a stand-out professionally and personally, and we would highly recommend her to anyone.

01 Apr 2017

Kerry is extremely knowledgeable, and experienced in her craft. She has helped me with constant neck and shoulder problems, and would recommend her to anyone who has any physical problems.

30 Sep 2016

Kerry is very caring and professional. I went there with a very sore neck , couldn't even move my neck, but on that very day after the first treatment, I could already move my neck to the right and left. Her exercises , streches and advices are very easy and really works. I trust her and I'm still going back for further treatment on my shoulder and back. I know she will be able to improve my well being.

20 Aug 2016

Kerry is fantastic - she provides a very thorough treatment and follows up with an email regarding suggested stretches to support treatment. Definitely best value for money and very effective hands on therapy. Definitely worth trying out - she treated my husband after he spent years going to various practitioners. Kerry is now our only and preferred therapist for our whole family.

19 Aug 2016

Went to Healthy Living Osteopathy for bad back pain. I've been to so many people but no change. Pins & needles in leg, couldn't walk far without pain and constant leg ache. After the first treatment, when Kerry re-assessed my movements, i could feel so much lighter and had more flexibilty. I had some more weekly treatments and since then I have no leg pain or pins & needles, just the occasional back stiffness which I can certainly live with. I now have treatments about once a month just for maintenance. Kerry also gave me regular exercises to do. I feel so much better than what I ever was before - couldn't be happier!!!!

Approximate cost: $70

14 Aug 2016

Kerry really helped me with my neck problems,i did have to go a few times however I would highly recommend her!

16 Jun 2016

Kerry did Ergonomic Assessment for me which made a difference in my working life. I have elbows problem and with her help I am now able to do job with optimal working posture and no pain. Thanks a lot Kerry, you are Awesome.

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