7 reviews about Hoi An Quan Vietnamese Restaurant

17 Mar 2017

Warm ambience , friendly service, great menu choices and really decent food at affordable prices. I cannot recommend this restaurant enough. Will go back again.

Approximate cost: $18

03 Oct 2016

I hardly ever have Vietnamese food so I thought I'd come here for a change. Food was lovely, fresh and delicious. Prices were reasonable and it was warm and welcoming. Great place!

27 Apr 2014

Loved my experience here. The food was authentic and very fresh. Service from staff was great, nothing was too much trouble to them. The price was average but have to say the quality of food and serving size was excellent

Approximate cost: $14.99

13 Dec 2010

I was going to another restaurant - looked in this one and thought how warm and inviting the place looked. So we went in. It was friendly and we sat down. I asked for a recommendation and what we were given was fresh, healthy and delicious. I will be going again, without a doubt, and I will take a crowd!

Approximate cost: $15

04 Dec 2010

Food was lovely - very fresh, innovative. Prices were very good. House champagne was $17 and passable. Will definitely go there again soon. Cost for two - entree, two main courses, rice and champagne was $55!!

05 Aug 2009

EXCELLENT. Great food, great service and great price. normally only $20 a head with entre, mains and corkage! Large servings and a huge menu. We love it and have been visiting this resturant for about 3 years now.

Approximate cost: $12-$14 for a main.

02 May 2008

Great food, excellent service, well priced. And BYO! What more can you ask for? We went as a couple but there was a larger group as well as other customers and no one seemed to miss out on service. The food was fresh and hot.

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