6 reviews about Hotel Realm Canberra

01 Mar 2013

There is nothing wrong with this place but I would not think that this place was 5 star. I would expect more for the price. I was very excited to discover one of the pod coffee machines in the room being a caffeine addict but there was no milk frothier and it was definitely one of the cheaper brands and the coffee was bitter and gross. Def not a nespresso. Other than that no additional luxuries or perks you would expect for the price tag

Approximate cost: $300

19 Jan 2013

Nice hotel, nice decor. Comfortable stay. Unfortunately had a few problems when we stayed there. No batteries in the alarm clock. Really dusty/dirty bath tub. And the dishes provided did not fit in the dishwasher.

Apart from those minor issues. We had a nice stay. Staff weren't too attentive at reception but the range of food was great

12 Aug 2012

This is a 5-star hotel and the decor justifies this rating. The car parking underneath offers 1-hour free and the bus stops outside so travel to this location is easy. The eateries offer a healthy range of food and the service in these venues are excellent. The hotel reception staff have yet to impress however it's clear that many are 'travelling through'. We like the addition of conference facilities and access to other hotels nearby.

Approximate cost: $350.00

19 Nov 2010

reception staff are fantastic. we had a fantastic stay and will definately recommend it to others

Approximate cost: $250

01 Dec 2009

We always stay here when we go to Canberra. Really convenient location -- walking distance to Manuka and Kingston, great restaurant downstairs, high quality room service. very comfortable room and good service.

14 May 2008

Utterly beautiful rooms but the service is still having teething problems. Our air con was turned off, we were offered the hire of a trolly for our bags rather than a porter (this is a five star hotel), various things in our room didn't work.

Approximate cost: $250

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