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25 reviews about Hypnofit Hypnotherapy

21 Jun 2016

I knew when I got serious about getting fit and healthy that I needed to address how I thought about my approach to food, alcohol and exercise. Going to Hypnofit and working with Helen to get my mindset right has absolutely been the reason I have been successful in achieving my goals and sticking to them. I have comfortably and easily lost 18 kilos and still going and I couldn't be happier. This is not a diet solution but a lifestyle and mindset change for the good.

Thanks Ruth. Thank you for your commitment to this program. Congratulations! You look incredible!! xx

04 Apr 2017

Manuela helped me to beat depression and gave me my life back. I cannot thank Hypnofit Hypnotherapy enough!

20 Feb 2017

After having other hypnotherapy experience, I knew what I wanted to achieve; with the thorough question and answering process that Hypnofit use, I knew that I would achieve it and did.
Having this initial positive result and experience, I have returned to the team for another answer to be discovered...
I after only another couple of sessions we nailed it.
To Helen, Emmanualla and Jon you all rock!

If you want answers, to change behaviour or just be a better version of YOU, then you owe it to yourself to experience Hypnofit. You can't put a price on your health.

24 Nov 2016

After seeing Helen for a few issues I was struggling with, she helped get me through everything and transformed me into a new person! I've ever felt so good in my life and it's all thanks to her!

10 Jul 2016

When I finally decided to see Helen, I was at the end of my tether. My self-confidence had crashed and I was afraid my mindset of fear would hold me back from wonderful new opportunities. Not only was Helen an astute listener but she taught me simple yet tremendously effective techniques to tackle my insecurities at each stage. I've used all of them with great results. Each session was so positive that I looked forward to Saturday mornings and was almost sorry when it ended. Thank you, Helen. You have helped so much!

07 Jul 2016

Helen has given me the willpower to make the correct food choices ,reduce the portion size of my meals and eliminate sweets which has Helped me to loose weight
Also during our sessions other issues that had been bothering me and that needed addressing came into the conversation and Helen helped me deal with that as well

15 Apr 2016

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Really can't eat huge amounts, think healthy and have lost over 10 kilos in three months. The surgery was successful and painless.


21 Mar 2016

I saw Helen's ad a couple of years ago after realising that I was bursting at the seems all the things life was throwing at me. This year, I bit the bullet and signed up on the strength of other womo reviews. I had previously seen counselors and psychologists before to work out i s s u e s but this time round, I sought Helen out for a mental health tune up. Over the course of a number sessions, we worked through stuff, re-imaged and reinvented without the usual trauma associated with dredging up the past etc. Did it work for me? For the issues that I had, Yes it did. Would I go back? Yes I will for another check up.

31 Jan 2016

Having had no enduring success with counsellors, and unwilling to take medication I contacted Hypnotherapy to try something different. After a long phone consultation, Helen was realistic about my likely outcome & suggested two sessions. Our first session was a get to know me session, quite unlike any counsellor, psych, therapy session I've had in the past (and I've seen a few around this issue). I didn't feel rushed or that Helen was watching the clock. I found Helen's pointed (yet respectful & gentle) questioning uncovered my real issue & fronting up to it has given me clarity & left me feeling empowered & happier. During our second session I was hypnotised & I've not looked back since (it's been two months). I'm more confident on the path I've chosen & I feel a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Helen is awesome & I'm grateful everyday for what she's done for me. Give it a go!

24 Nov 2015

Seeing Helen was the best thing I've ever done, my husband agrees! After doing the virtual gastric banding I have lost 11.6kg to date over past 6 months - slow and steady wins the race! After 20+ years of yoyo and fad diets I finally feel in control. Helen helped me to change my mindset and how I see food and exercise. She helped me clear negativity thoughts from my past and of myself, I couldn't be happier. I would do it all again in a heartbeat. My life and mind are forever changed. I have other friends who have seen Helen and all are so pleased with the results. Thank you Helen ️

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