13 reviews about Ibrahim Pastry

19 Jun 2017

Just out of this world. The Service is fantastic. Magnificient Coffee. The best assortment of fresh cakes ever. Ever so hard to know which one to choose to have with the coffee. Then always take some home as well. Turkish Delight is scrumptious Everything is always fresh. Fruit Tarts and Custard Puffs to die for. The new shop has so much more room. Wonderful Gifts ready made to take to a party or christening all done in cellophane. Magnificient birthday cakes

Approximate cost: $3

01 Nov 2015

brought the pancake things with the cream.
the next day they were full of mold spots. Id rather drive all the way to granville then buy from here again

Approximate cost: $20

08 Sep 2014

Smiling staff, quick service and a big coffee at an affordable price!!! Plus staff remember the locals and greet them with a big smile each and every time ...what more could you ask for

Loved it and i do recommend it to others. Great place

15 Feb 2014

I have to say it is the most decent place to have coffee and cake in rockdale. Great service, great menu and always smiling staff. I think who ever i ask has a had a good experince there, my friends and I love going there... always have

Approximate cost: $varied

#1 in Brisbane QLD
346 reviews · 0% trust · 48665 points
19 Nov 2012

One of my friends hooked to me this pastry called "Ladies arm" which you can find in Arabic pastry shops. It is ricotta cheese (I think) with a pastry wrapped around it wand dipped in sugar syrup. It is so yummy and Ibrahim pastry makes it the best. They only have them on weekend so we try to go there almost every weekend to indulgence in these heavenly treats. We were lucky to get them fresh from the oven once and it was super yummy. I also like their coffee and wide range of cakes. I even got my husband and my family hooked into this delight:). Must try if you ever are in Rockdale. .

30 Aug 2012

When we lived in Brighton Le Sands this was one of our favourites. I am back in Sydney for work and I made sure that I borrowed a car from work and drove to Ibrahims to get my fix of the most delectable and tasty baklava I have ever had...do yourself a favour and drop in for the cashew and walnut baklava...yum!

Approximate cost: $25 per kilo

135486564986 19 Nov 2012 · 0% Trust

Agree with you. This is one of the best places to have Arabic sweets and my favourite is ladies arm :)

sierraj 14 May 2016 · 100% Trust

Lol too funny, I would totally do that to. 100% worth borrowing the car to get some of these yummy sweets

05 Aug 2012

i love my lebanese pastries and this is the place to go,for tradition if u visit a family u also take a box of mixed pastries of birds nest,kanefi,and other pasrys made of filo base with pistaacio nuts and syrup on them ,once u start u cant stop,its a well known place as it has great variety of lebanese buiscuits and pastries will always go back and back

31 Jul 2012

A classy lebanese pastry sweet shop. I was given a box of pastried and was taken by the delicassy of them. I am not into heavy pastry nor just french puff with fruits or anglises or jams. My Lebaese friends and mechanic say this place is far superior and I agree although I have not much history in this culture but this is a place that makes you salivate because of the variety you can put on a plate for your guests and for that treat yourself. I am into honey baclava not the sugar type and this place gives a nice mix. It has reputation because it well earns it from those who know. I really like going here every now and again

27 May 2012

when i want a lift i go to the pastry shop to induldge in there heavy nice syrup dessertss with a nice cuppicino

27 May 2012

love going for sweets here with pistacios the tasty syrum on filo pastry sweets with a nice cup of strong coffee

Approximate cost: $6

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