9 reviews about Impressa Cafe

20 Jun 2018

Enjoyed a coffee and an indulgent snack here. Lovely eats to choose from and a good seating area also. Always busy too.

18 Sep 2017

Out and about on this windy day. After shopping we indulged in coffees at this cafe. Great coffee and it took a lot of will power for it to remain "just coffee" There are great selections of savoury and sweet items especially the sweet ones. Good seating and friendly service. Really like this spot.

tezcerexxbwurecaccedduzceaex Shazzbot1 19 Sep 2017 · 100% Trust

Firstly, welcome home! It has been some time since I have been here, thanks for reminding me, we will pay them a visiting next time we are in the area.

02 Feb 2017

DO NOT GO HERE! THEIR SERVICE AND FOOD IS DISGUSTING. I have seriously never had a worse experience at a cafe in my life. I took my 2 year old there. I ordered her nuggets and chips and then decided I felt like poached eggs on toast with mushrooms and tomato. Somehow this totalled $27.50 (no drinks). I have no problem paying that but I expect something decent. What I got was foul.

My daughters chips were just cooked. Her nuggets were hard. My eggs were so over cooked I could have bounced them off a wall. The "toast" was warm bread that had soaked up water from the poaching liquid. They didn't even spread the butter (or homebrand table spread as it happens,) to the edge. It was a smear in the centre of the bread.

Making sure there was no one nearby, I politely asked for a refund as I was very unhappy with the meal. [redaced personal identifier] gave me an earful about the food saying it was fine. She even picked up my daughters chips and broke them up in front of my face to make her point. However, she said she would give me a refund. Satisfied I went to the counter. She had disappeared to the kitchen.

She came out guns blazing and refused to give me a refund. She swore at me and (in front of all her other customer) told me to get out.

THIS CAFE IS TERRIBLE AND I RECOMMEND NO ONE GO THERE. There are plenty of other nice places nearby.

03 Nov 2015

Another visit to this great cafe. Wonderful selection of desserts to select from. The coffee is great and the lemon cheesecake cannot be resisted. We try to just have coffee when out and about but this dessert is a must have.

Bobby123 04 Nov 2015 · 100% Trust

I have taken my wife here a few times now, she loves the lemon cheese cake

15 Jul 2015

What I like about this cafe is service with a smile. It's a really nice cosy cafe with the friendliest staff and the best lemon cheese cake. Have enjoyed many a coffee here and a few light lunches with friends and my husband. Never been disappointed with any of our meals.

watersport 21 Jul 2015 · 100% Trust

Very nice spot

14 Jul 2015

Did my shopping in the Unley Centre shopping area and before I began I had a coffee at the Impressa Cafe. Always busy with a great selection of meals and snacks and it is the desserts that I have trouble resisting. Clean and friendly and is one of my favourite spots for coffee

Shazzbot1 15 Jul 2015 · 100% Trust

I agree with you this is a very friendly cafe with delicious food, love the lemon cheese cake!

08 Nov 2014

Have taken my wife to this cafe a few times now, the coffee has always been great and my wife enjoys selecting which sweet she will be trying. After reading the previous reviews, I think my wife will be trying the lemon cheese cake.

Has been very busy each time we have been here, yet the staff remain friendly and efficient.

Definiitely recommend you try when in Unley next.

happyshopping 09 Nov 2014 · 100% Trust

The lemon cheese cake is delicious

29 Oct 2014

Came here for my coffee fix and could not resist buying the lemon cheese cake too. This store has a marvelleous selection of desserts to accompany your coffee etc. Also lunches etc available. Always busy but tables are clean and well serviced. On my list for visiting when here in Unley

Bobby123 29 Oct 2014 · 100% Trust

Have taken my wife here a few times now, she loves their cakes and coffee. Thanks for reminding me.

12 Apr 2014

After going with my daughter and granddaughter to a medical appointment we had coffee and cake at this cafe. A special treat for my granddaughter and the staff allowed her to choose oh so slowly. The coffee was good and the gluten free lemon cheesecake was superb. My daughter has coeliac condition and living in Hungary, cheesecake like this is a rarity.

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