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05 May 2017

Bought a whole rib fillet..inedible.tough and tasteless..turned the rest into a slow cooker casserole ..

Approximate cost: $78

07 Mar 2015

I too have been going here for years, but am losing my fervour for the place. It's very hard to find a park on weekends as the car park is very limited in space, the store is quite small and can be very hard to negotiate with a crowd there and on one or more occasions we have left because it was so hard to get through to the checkout. There are limited checkouts, and over the years I have noticed that some meats and smallgoods have increased by 300% in the past 4 years. A great example is a smoked pork hock that they roast and sell on weekends. They started at $5, then went to $8, then $12 and now they are nearly $20 each.
Why? Oh, because they became popular and they wanted to cash in! I understand it's a business, but don't out-price your customers! I have stopped going there and only visit once every 6 months now, because other butchers closer to home are much better value. It's sad really, because it was a favourite outing for us on Sundays.
I now find myself thinking about whether it's worth the extra miles to shop there.

06 Mar 2015

Been going here on and off for years. Always lots to choose from. Ready made meals,fresh meat,some fruit n veg added a couple of years ago. The staff are always happy and friendly and if i wear my roosters jersey in their i always cop a ribbing.bakery also inside. Usually get about $150 of meat ,buy in bulk is cheaper as we have a box freezer too. 90% of the time the meat has been great. On ocassion its been unacceptable and ive complained and been given something to say sorry. Love the chicken mignons. Small store, smells of meat lol always a bargain. Parking in site is limited but street parking is ok outside

02 Jan 2015

Having been a Regular Customer for some years ... I find that the Staff are always friendly... and helpful...

The Quality and Value of the Meat supersedes any of the Supermarkets that I have previously tried...
For Friendly Service, Quality Meats at Affordable Prices... I cant do better than Jack Purcell's Butcher...

Approximate cost: $60.00

03 Sep 2013

Jack Purcells have great prices on bulk meat, they will slice up whole ribs or rumps for you for free, great produce and a wide range of different meats. good deli section and great cheese section.

26 Aug 2013

This is a great butcher if your looking too buy your meat in bulk.. And they often have Afew bargins as well..the staff are friendly and they do cut your meat to the size you are after..I'd only go there if I was going for a bulk meat shop.

Approximate cost: $60

30 Mar 2013

Don't buy you meat from the supermarket anymore. This discount butcher has a great range and when you buy in bulk, the savings are amazing. 5kg of premium mince for around $6 a kg, whole sides of lamb and the specials are great. They also sell hot chickens, some veggies and drinks. Don't forget to buy a sausage sizzle on your way back to the car. I've tried other discount bulk butchers but these guys are the best quality and cheapest. Enjoy.

christinen8 30 Mar 2013 · 100% Trust

Wow! They sound great .

26 Jun 2012

This used to be a very good butcher. The prices just seem to go up, but nothing else changes. The meat at times can be average and the prices quite high. 5 years ago you could buy a smoked, roasted ham hock for $5 now it's closer to $20. It was a special meal we loved, but have since given up due to the cost. Duck is also very expensive here.

kimb25 09 Mar 2013 · 100% Trust

Wondering about cost of rabbits, $30 a pair is the going rate?

08 Oct 2011

It's always been very cheap and great value for money. The meat can be hit and miss though. The staff are very friendly and helpful, always happy to help.

31 May 2011

Great Butchers!!
Big walk in Refrigerator to select all your bulk meats.
My husband and I shop here once a month and stock up on everything.
The meat is always beautiful cuts and because we buy in bulk the prices are lower than your typical grocery stores.

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