4 reviews about Jamaica Blue

28 Aug 2013

Had coffee here recently and it's just soooo ordinary...and you wouldn't mind because at least it affords a quiet place to escape the noisy shopping centre...only the service is just soo slow....bizarre

03 Dec 2010

Quick and friendly service, can always get in without waiting. Good selection of food and drinks!

Approximate cost: $10

11 Jul 2008

Ate here today for lunch. Very nice atmosphere and good choice on the menu. I had a salmon melt and a lemonade and it was great. They have tables and also comfy bench seats or arm chairs if you come in just for a coffee. Plenty of room if you are a mum with a pram too! Little slow on the service today but I think that was just because ut was school holidays and they had a big rush at lunch time.

26 Mar 2008

Updated rating 28/9/09
Unfortunately this business has been bought by new owners recently. The staff have all changed, now mostly consisting of young seemingly inexperienced staff. The food quality has deteriorated (soggy undercooked Poffertjes) and the service is not as good (girls often chatting together behind the counter while tables are uncleared and slow service).
Unfortunately they don't sell my favourite apricot toast any more either. : (

Lovely coffee, comfortable seating, rewarding loyalty card program and you get pretty heart shapes on the top of your coffee on Valentines Day! The coffee is very consistent, the poffertjes (Dutch Pancakes) are delectable and they have really nice Apricot Loaf toast for breakfast. My favourite coffee place for sure!

ml2tope 05 May 2008 · 100% Trust

I'll definitely have to try it! :)

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