12 reviews about Jas My Waffles

11 Jan 2017

I was in the area and decided to buy a coffee and I was very impressed with their fast efficient service. The workers there were very friendly and cooperative. I will definitely go back another time to try the rest of their yummy desserts.

08 Sep 2016

Amazing waffles and all the staff are very friendly. Totally recommend this place if you are craving for something sweet.

11 Dec 2014

Great cafe with quality food and service at good prices. My kids like the waffles on a stick and I go for the Sweet Crepes which is Chocolate & Strawberry, filled with Nutella and freshly cut strawberries plus ice cream.
SO much indulgence and so tasty. Worth the money and a visit.

01 Feb 2013

I have been here many times for coffee and waffles, the staff are very friendly and happy, they are super busy all the time and the majority of clientele are phillipino, the food and coffee is great the waffles yummy. Jaz and Gil the owners have a chat and ask your opinion on anything they may be able to do better.

KFC 04 Feb 2013 · 100% Trust

Wow, it sounds amazing. I must remember to try them sometime.

25 Jan 2013

When we went here recently after word of mouth recommendation and they had a little trouble catering for our group of 6, but the food including the churros was quite nice and very fresh. They have a great range of waffles, pancakes and churros on offer, and at first it is hard to decide what to pick. I even studied the menu on their website before I arrived but settled on the favourites platter. My mistake is that I tried to eat it on my own ….. you definitely need to share this with someone as you get full up on all the dough. I would definitely go back as it is something different and nice.

The service seemed good & very family orientated /-i.e you can tell it's a family business.

09 Feb 2012

Can't help but visit here when I am in the area. They've got delicious churros (love the caramel one!) and the fruits of the forest waffles!

27 Aug 2011

We went here after some friends recommeded it. Apparently they go there every weekend with the family. We're quite budget minded so it does take a stretch of the budget to enjoy this one but I'd recommend it for a social get together or special time out.

Approximate cost: $15

15 Apr 2011

I went here for breakfast the morning of my wedding. The service was incredible and it was such a friendly environment. Unbelievable food too. Everything was fresh and so tasty!

Approximate cost: $12

31 Oct 2009

They are very friendly people, and the waffles are very yummy. I enjoy going in and having a hot chocolate. The service is very quick and i like trying the different flavor's of waffles.

22 Oct 2009

The first words that come to mind a YUM, followed closely by another YUM; this is a great little shop that even sells bacon and eggs on a waffle.

The staff are always friendly and the shop is very inviting.

Great selection of ice cream too.

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