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10 Dec 2016

Over 20 years of awesome service!

I've been getting Carl to work on my cars on and off for over 20 years. I am a self confessed rev head and Im fairly handy with a spanner too, I certianly know enough about cars and general mechanics to be able to spot a good one from a dodgy one. JC are just about the best around!

1. No apprentices, all the work done by fully qualified and experienced mechanics.
2. Honesty, they tell you straight up what needs doing and how much it will cost, if it ever costs more, then it is an honest unexpected expense. They dont pad bills, or do more then needed.
3. practical but safe. If your a little short of coin they will prioritize, if its safe to leave for the next service, they will, but if its not safe then they might push you to get it done straight away.
4. Price. The prices are great, especially considering the level of service. You might think your saving a few bucks here and there getting a service advertised cheap, but in the long run it will cost you more.

Like I said, im a rev head, i do most of my own mechanic work myself now so I know how much things cost, I know how long things should take, and I know what needs imediate attention and what doesn't. And I know a good job well done when I see it.

Carl has always been helpful with advise. Plenty of times he's given my tips and told me how to do things, which means he doesnt get the job. Now I recommend everyone to him!

They truly are good honest blokes!

27 Oct 2016

The guys at JC Auto are the best. Wonderful, kind and helpful. Have been with them for 20 years and take all our family cars there. Very good workmanship, good advice and just nice guys. Please never retire or I'll be in real strife!!

01 Sep 2011

Great local business. Friendly, honest, reliable & affordable. JC Auto have been servicing our cars for many years now and we hope they will be around for many more. Keep up the good work guys!

15 Sep 2007

Great local mechanic, always helpful, will try and fit you in if your car is broken down, same day service. Average prices for labour and parts, but its the explanations and friendly service with mechanics that are trustworthy and helpful which is the best part!

judic 02 May 2010 · 60% Trust

Totally agree, great business.

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