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05 Apr 2015

My sister was born - August 1977,she was transferred from Queen Victoria Hospital to Jessie McPherson Private Hospital,that night or the next day, my father was told we lost your transfer papers throughout this transition between the 2 hospitals....he was taken and told this is your baby,a baby in a humidicrib who was very premature, my mum s baby weighed 6 pds.....37 yrs later after just trusting the staff between the 2 hospitals ,we have discovered last year in Feb 2014,that my sister is/has been swapped at birth!!!!!!yes this has happened and I asked the CEO to talk to my mother and they said it is freedom of information and the law protects the adult woman now involved,the other woman probably doesn't even know she has been misplaced....my parents have been either lied to and deceived...or a legite swap has occurred....perhaps the baby was sold or put up for private adoption...who knows and this hospital doesn't seem to think it s appropriate to spk to me or my family....while we have proof(bby photo) of my real sister this hospital doesn't want to talk about this and my family can jus go on living with the torture of not knowing,it has been reported to police now ,hopefully they can help...thanku so much @ Jessie McPherson for all your non co operative efforts to give a damn abt my sister missin!!!! let alone the heartache my family feel,my dad was with mbf(private medical fund) back them n n pd good money to be in a private health fund,now BUPA,n now he has NOT got what he paid for,instead hes been deceived n treated like a jerk,basically n told go away....while my sister is out there somewhere??....never to get any closure!!!

21 Feb 2013

Firstly let me say that I was happy with the support of the Nurses here. I rate the service of the doctors as below par.

Firstly we asked for no monitoring during delivery. This was ignored and even the midwife said that they were not getting what they needed from the monitor. Eventually I said enough and told them that my wife would labour where she is comfortable and they would just have to cope as best as they could. Result was my wife could labour better and we had a baby within the hour.

Next the pediatrician seemed to was to constantly push formula on our baby. Sure blood diver was low but this could be fixed by breast feeding more often and topping up with expressed milk, which worked. Then there was a bit of jaundice which again lead to them recommending formula. Again frequent feeds from the breast and q lamp sorted this out. By the time we left my wife was mentally exhasted from fighting the staff to get what she wanted and what was best for the baby.

Our experience at st vincents was much better

30 Apr 2011

My baby was delivered ( I still cannot call this a birth) at Jessie Private Hosptial over 6 months ago. I still suffer from post-traumatic stress since the birth of my daughter. Unfortunately the attending midwife did not listen to me and totally ignored our birthing plan. For the majority of my labour I was restrained to a hospital bed, unable to move. The result was an emergency delivery which caused me to suffer from severe psychological trauma. Apparently I have no right to complain as I have had a healthy baby and that is all that seems to important. How a birth experience can have profound negative affects on a mothers mental health I feel has been totally ignored. Even though the hospital was informed of my previous childhood trauma/needle phobia, nothing was done to avoid a repeat trauma. I still suffer from daily flashbacks and wake up from nightmares to this day.
The only good thing I have to say about Jessie Mac are the staff at the maternal ward who looked after us after the birth of our baby - very supportive and caring. All in all we are very disappointed in choosing this particular hospital and believe that we might have been better off to go to a public hospital. As a consequence of acting out my right as a consumer by posting this review of my experience, I have recently received threatening correspondence from this Hospital's legal department.

ReecesCheckYaPieces 06 Jun 2012 · 0% Trust

Tanjak1: We would like to take this opportunity to offer our sincere thanks and appreciation for composing this review. We were deeply saddened to read of your shocking experience and would like to think that the afore-mentioned hospital has since taken steps to prevent any similar occurrence from happening in the future.

On behalf of our family (and a great many others who will read this rating), we publicly commend you for the time and effort spent on this review, and can only imagine how difficult it was for you to complete, especially given the raw emotion and the degree of professionalism shown.

As for the hospital’s legal department attempting to silence you, this is utterly appalling and could possibly be construed as a sign of guilt. Our advice to this (or indeed any such business) would be to focus on improving their service instead of trying to silence or harass the victims!

We hope you and your baby have a wonderful future filled with love and peace.


27 Sep 2008

My second bub was born prematurely requiring specialist NICU care - the Monash Medical Centre has world-class doctors and medical facilities and we were absolutely blessed to have our daughter cared for there. I stayed in the Jessie McPherson maternity section and they welcomed us and met all our needs. My obstetrician for the birth was Dr Danielle Wilkins and she was absolutely superb - thankyou thankyou thankyou!!!!

15 Aug 2008

I had my first (and only so far!) baby here and except for the first midwife I had during my labour, I couldn't have asked for a better experience. The midwife I ended up with during the majority of my labour was LOVELY and even came to visit me a couple of days after delivery. The midwives on the ward were great and looked after me and my baby really well. I chose Jessie Mac because I liked the fact that it is under the same roof as Monash Medical Centre so if something bad happens you and your baby stay in the same building. It was also really good that when I wanted an epidural, there was already an anaesthetist in the building so it didn't take hours to get one as it does for some women in other maternity hospitals. I would definitely go back if we have another one.

14 Jul 2008

I had my third baby at Jessie and it was fantsatic . there was a problem with my babys heart and I had a large bleed after the baby, they were able to immediately take me to theatre , there was no waiting for the theatre to be set up, no waiting for the anaethetist to be call ed and arrive, a problem that occurs in other maternity hospitals. The fact my baby could go straight into the SCN and even though I had to spend 2 night s in ICU I was very happy in the knowledge that my baby was in the same facility as I was and my family wasnt driving all over the state to visit me and my baby. the midwives were fantastic and helped me breast feed even though I didnt feel up to it, nothing was too much trouble. I would go back to Jessie Mc and recommend it to anyone.

21 Jun 2008

I had both my children at Jesse Mac & found that the labour ward staff were just fantastic (I still catch up with some of them) but that the ward staff were terrible with one nurse telling me it was to hard to help me out of bed to go the the toilet (had a c-section) so I had to wait 45 mins in agony with severe stomach cramps, this resulted in me having to yell out for a nurse as no one responded to the buzzer & me having to tell her off as being a nurse mean to help patients in need. Shes just lucky I didn't have a accident in the bed. On night 3 with my daughter, she woke up for a feed at 2am & I couldn't get out of bed so I buzzed, 30 mins later with baby screaming like shes being murdered. (NOT HAPPY TO SAY THE LEST) But unfortunately I had on chose in hospital as Jesse Mac is the only 5 star neonatal around my side of town & I was a high risk pregnancy.

2ndtimer 01 Aug 2008 · 50% Trust

i have some questions for this member as i am having my baby there too. how can i do this?

jenjen4 14 Jan 2011 · 70% Trust

I had similar experiences with the staff on the ward

ReecesCheckYaPieces 09 Apr 2013 · 0% Trust

Hi Anonymous, After reading this review, I was shocked that you rated this place as high as you did. Irrespective of this, I thank you for your honest, detailed review. :) Reeces

03 Apr 2008

I had my first baby at Jessie MacPherson. There were some wonderful midwives and nurses, and I found the food surprisingly good (although at the time I probably would have eaten anything!). We had a private room after the first night, and were lucky enough to have one of the large ones (some of them are just a normal size) - it was the size of a hotel room, which was just fantastic for accommodating more than two visitors at a time! People go to Jessie Mac because that's where people are transferred to if they have complications, so I felt comfortable in that regard.

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