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17 Dec 2016

Initially when I called them I wanted my sewer and storm water drains checked to see if they had been damaged by tree roots. I was told that there would be no equipment cost unless they needed to unblock my drains. When the guy turned out I was told that they couldn’t check the storm water drains (not because of any reason specific to me) and that if there was damage it would most likely be to the storm water drains, not the sewer pipes. I was also told that I would have to pay the equipment fee regardless. I was also told by the plumber that changing every washer in my house would fix “water hammer” in one tap. When he was done there was “water hammer” in 4 taps and my shower didn’t work. On top of that I was also mislead about the cost of changing the washers.

Jim's Plumbing 20 Dec 2016

We are concerned and disappointed to have received this review. We valve all our customers feedback however this was resolved back in October. We followed up with you and you advised us that you were satisfied with the follow up. You were very aggressive to our plumber onsite and you were also very aggressive to our call centre operator which caused her some upset. We advised you that if our plumber had to use any drain equipment he would advise you onsite. We do not charge our customers to use this machine unless used, which our plumber did, our plumber completed a camera inspection which made it clear that you have issues with tree roots entering your drains. We attended at no charge to take a look at the shower for you, and it was clear that you need a new shower set and copper pipe as the line is blocked with rust. We apologise that you feel we have not met your expectations however we feel we did everything we could to follow this up and provide a solution.
Customer Service Manager
Jim's Plumbing 622973

06 Dec 2016

What can I say apart from I am very happy I choose Jim's plumbing again, I have used them several times, they arrive on time, complete the work to a high standard and are honest and upfront about the costs, could not be happier and I will continue to use them

05 Dec 2016

Their website advertises that they can supply and install toilet cisterns and toilets but I called to request this service and was advised that it can't be guaranteed and it was better for me to source the items myself. Not sure why their website says 'We supply and install full toilet suites or just the cistern and toilet pan individually depending on your needs.'

I thought about it after my first phone call and decided to take the gamble and called back and made an appointment for Monday 12-3pm in the hope that their plumber did have replacement cisterns. I lost half a day pay today sitting at home waiting for a plumber that never showed only to call at the end of my appointment window to be read out details from my first call and told that I did not actually have an appointment booked. So disappointing given how much trouble I've had trying to book in a plumber elsewhere and now to be stood up because someone couldn't make a booking. Yes, I hung up after hearing that I didn't have a booking listed, that was better than saying to the contact centre person what I was actually thinking.

Jim's Plumbing 06 Dec 2016

This is untrue as have voice recordings proving otherwise and it is disappointing that you have written this review. You was informed that we stock standard cisterns however if you wanted a specific brand or style you are better to source the cisterns yourself as our vans carry standard items and it not a show room. We advised you that our plumber would attend and provide you a quote. When you rang back you have stated that you put the phone down which meant this did not give us an opportunity to provide you with a solution, which we would of been more than happy to do so.

opal-russ134 06 Dec 2016 · 80% Trust

I'm not sure what part is untrue. I did call and make an appointment which I was advised was never booked when I called back.

Based on the reviews of your business I have since read and your hostile responses to feedback I think I'm better off that no one turned up. I wasn't prepared to take another chance and waste more time attempting another appointment.

17 Aug 2016

Received a quote for $2950 - yep that's right THREE grand for 20 metres of drainage to contain seeping water from a higher garden bed and two downpipes from gutters running alongside a room.
What was requested was a drain with grates so water can seep through as well collect the water from the downpipes.
What was installed was a drain PIPE and so guess what now happens to the seeping water?

The problem is now worsened with water being collected at a higher level due to the pipe and now overflowing into the room.
Couldn't have done worse and wouldn't have believed a plumbing company could do this.
Really, really, bad example of drainage.
Still waiting for an apology from a supposedly professional company.

Review under investigation
This review is currently being investigated by the Word of Mouth team and it does not affect the business' overall rating. This review will either be confirmed or removed once our inquiry is complete.
Jim's Plumbing 18 Aug 2016

Tman it is disappointing that you have placed this review, We have discussed this with you and the work our plumber completed is the work that you requested, We have copies of the web enquiry you sent us, We have voice recordings and we have the written quote that you accepted, You have not paid for the work our plumber completed which we are pursuing, you received a reminder to pay the invoice and this is why you have placed the false and inaccurate review.
You requested that our plumber replace the downpipes only, not at anytime during the quote or during the work being completed did you request sumps and grates which our plumber recommended and you declined.
only after the job was completed did you ask for the sumps and grates, to which we advised you that we can complete for you at additional charge, again you declined and refused to pay the invoice.
As to any apology we completed what you requested us to complete, you declined our plumbers recommendation and have not paid for the work that has been completed to date.

05 Jul 2016

My experience with Jims Plumbing was first class, our hot water service went on a Monday Night, Jims Plumbing was here ( Dennis ) at 8am the next morning, explained it was better to upgrade to a continuous flow instantaneous system instead of replacing it with our existing solar heated electrical system, was able to organize finance on the spot and we hot a new service running by that afternoon, Metrolec Electrical, ( Jims Plumbing Electrical Contractor was also extraordinary with their service as they had to leave a job down South to attend to our job in the Northern Suburbs ) to ensure the job would be finished that day. Would highly recommend the Jims Plumbing / Metrolec Electrical Team.

07 Mar 2016

The plumber that came out to fix our leaking shower was wonderful. So understanding, knowledgable and professional. Definitely using him again if needed.

Jim's Plumbing 18 Mar 2016

Hi Laurief, it is great to hear that you will use our service again.
Customer Service Manager
Jim's Plumbing 595729

01 Mar 2016

Job was done profesionally in a speedy and efficient pace. Will use again as well as recommending to family and friends

Approximate cost: $250

Jim's Plumbing 02 Mar 2016

Hello Jeremy,
Thank you for such a great review! We are happy to hear our plumber was efficient. We look forward to assisting you again in the future!
Customer Service Team
Jim's Plumbing

29 Feb 2016

One of my outdoor taps was leaking and I had planned to call a plumber for several months, but I never got around to it. Then I started getting water hammer in my kitchen and laundry taps, so I decided to give Jim's Plumbing a call to fix both problems. The plumber arrived promptly within the specified time window and was very friendly. Finding my stop tap took a long time because it was buried in the garden. Once the stop tap was located, the plumber quickly fixed the outdoor tap. He then worked on the water hammer issue and managed to solve the problem after some trial-and-error. I was impressed that the plumber took the time to diagnose the real problem, rather than try and sell me unnecessary expensive equipment. In the end, once he made the diagnosis, the real problem was easily fixed (jammed valve on the hot water system).

I would certainly use Jim's plumbing again in the future. The rates are rather expensive, but I'm happy to pay a little bit more to guarantee great service. There's nothing worse than paying a plumber to come out and then the problem isn't fixed completely due to shoddy workmanship.

Jim's Plumbing 02 Mar 2016

Hello Ryan,
Thank you so much for such a great review. I'm so pleased we resolved your issue's. As a emergency plumbing company we aim to be onsite as soon as possible and have our customer problems resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible. Look forward to taking care of your future plumbing needs. I'll pass on your feedback to our team.
Customer Service Team
Jim's Plumbing

27 Feb 2016

Hot water system required replacing. Very prompt and professional. Excellent service and friendly staff

26 Feb 2016

Blocked sewerage on a Sunday afternoon, called Jim's Plumbing, they turned up on time WOW!!!. Could have turned into a nightmare but the plumber turned up quickly, went straight to work and fixed the problem. He was very professional, polite and knowledgeable you cant ask for anything more than that. All charges were explained at the time of booking and then repeated by the plumber when he arrived.Can thoroughly recommend their service and will be using them again.

Approximate cost: $250.

Jim's Plumbing 02 Mar 2016

Hello Marc,
Thank you for this excellent review! We pride ourselves on being on time, professional, polite and knowledgeable and it's great to hear we were able to to fix your problem. We aim to have your problems resolved quickly ensuring your home is again safe and livable again within minimal impact to you. We look forward to assisting you in the future!
Customer service Team
Jim's Plumbing

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