10 reviews about Jolleys Boathouse Restaurant

12 Oct 2014

Great location, fabulous atmosphere, wonderful wine, great food. We prefer dining here in the evening, as it really is so much better with the night lights, makes it more romantic, which is why we went here for one wife's birthdays.

The food and wine are always fabulous, we have always enjoyed ourselves here. Never any reason to complain, always perfect. One menu item we always order is the mixed oysters as they are always fresh. The presentation of our meals are incredible and you can certainly taste the freshness and quality. No wonder we enjoy going here, but really just for special occasions.

Definitely a restaurant to try.

happyshopping 12 Oct 2014 · 100% Trust

Lovely to have a great night out and thoroughly enjoy it

02 Sep 2013

great food, great wine, great atmosphere. i love that it is next to the river so you get fantastic scenery. they have a good selection of reds - you need a good red for the perfect meal!

09 Feb 2013

Used my rewards program points for a 3 course meal – good value I thought and since we'd dined here many times before we tried lunchtime on a Friday. We took our own bottle of wine since the wine list is a tad expensive. Our waiter seated us in a quiet restaurant; 4 other tables at 12:30, brought the menu and asked if we'd like the wine decanted. I was horrified to receive a very badly chipped decanter, but hubby wouldn't let me complain! There was a reasonable choice on the menu and I went for the Cured Salmon for entrée, Lamb Loin for main and Ménage à Trois for desert. The food was really good except for the chocolate fondant component in the desert which didn't run or ooze (not good). I did notify the waiter about this. I am always annoyed when you have to purchase vegetables or salad as a side One thing I was disappointed in was our waiter who was very impersonal and haughty. He was very slow with service and we were a total of 2¾ hours even in a restaurant which was not busy, we wondered if it was because we were using rewards points. Another waiter who came to our table was friendly, commenting on the wine and explaining the delay with deserts. A plus for corkage being $25 – used to be about $30. Overall for this lunch; good food, but unfriendly waiter and this marred the experience somewhat.

Approximate cost: $36

05 Aug 2012

Situated on the banks of the Torrens River provides an ideal venue for all occasions just minutes walk from the CBD and major Adelaide hotels.
The finest local produce is used to create a contemporary Australian menu wich i like.
They also have a big range of Australain and International wines

22 Jun 2012

Went for dinner last night. Overall a very disappointing experience. The menu is not very adventurous, although the food is good quality. Both my husband and I found the serves way too large. The real let-down was the service. Slow to attend, basic details forgotten and waiters seemed more interested in chatting amongst themselves than attending the few tables there. Won't go back.

Approximate cost: $35

03 May 2012

Went here recently for our wedding anniversary. I love the location, the service was good and the food was just delicious. Can't wait to go back. It is very pricey - with an entree & main each as well as a bottle of red, it cost $250 for 2, but worth it for a special occasion.

Approximate cost: $45

27 Apr 2011

Went to Jolleys for our 1 year wedding anniversary. Was a delicious meal. Was a little loud to start with as there was still a function still going on upstairs but that finished half hour into our meal.
You definitely pay for the service and the food there. The steaks were delicious and the deserts to die for. Will definitely be going back there again.

Approximate cost: $45

22 Jul 2010

relaxed atmosphere pervades this riverside restaurant. Situated along the banks of the River Torrens.good food and comfortable environment

11 Jun 2008

Food's great! Had a lobster as my main when i last went. The atmosphere and ambience is pretty and unforgetable. Great place to have your first date by the river.

Approximate cost: $35

23 May 2008

It's a very charming location and the food is spectacular. The service is not too bad but perhaps not a sprofessional as someone might expect from a place like this. Do try the duck which is pricey but gorgeous. There was a beautiful spanish mackerel entree as a special the day I went.

Approximate cost: $35

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