3 reviews about Junction Place Medical Centre

23 Jun 2008

I've been going to this medical centre for over 20 years (!) and I've never once thought to go elsewhere. It's been a wonderful centre for me, my mum, sisters, and now my own children. The admin staff are fabulous, and the doctors are very professional and attentive. Occasionally there can be a bit of a wait for an appointment but that's fairly typical of any medical centre. The good news is that the selection of magazines and papers is good and relatively up-to-date. (No 1987 editions of Mechanics Weekly, 1991 Home Beautiful...)

17 Jan 2008

I have been attending this clinic for some years now and this is one of the better that I have been to. Over the time I have seen a few of the different docs and all seem to be on the ball, thorough and very willing to assist.

My regular doctor supplies you with lots of information, is very supportive and is mostly on time!

The waiting rooms are large so you dont feel like you are sitting on top of one another and feel fresh.
There are nurses on full time who are very good. The reception staff can sometimes be a bit sourly.

Approximate cost: $Bulk bill in am, payment in pm.

21 Dec 2007

My family and I have been going here for quite some time and we are very happy with the treatment and care given to us here. My doctor is absolutely terrific. :)

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