11 reviews about Kanwal Pizza & Pasta

01 Sep 2013

Absolutely love the food here, store is always clean and staff are nice and helpful and the service is always quick but good.
would recommend to anyone!

21 Aug 2013

The best part of this pizza shop is the quick service, I hate waiting all day for my food but you don't have to here. They could do with taking a bit more care in what there doing but if you want quick service you cant really complain.

20 Aug 2013

Love the pizza and pasta combo available. food is always ready and hot when we go to pick up our phone orders. pizza never makes it home untouched because it smells so good we have to have a piece in the car!

12 Dec 2012

This place does great pizza but last time I went I got pasta Carbonara and it was really bland. There was a lot of it though. Next time I go back I think I will go back to the pizzas which are cooked brilliantly.

04 Sep 2009

Amazing, exactly how pizza should be! Friendly service, worth hoping in the car for even if you really cant be bothered :) You wont be disappointed! Short wait for your order too!

11 Jul 2009

Exceptional pizza particularly the Go Banannas desert pizza!

Try the prawn or the satay chicken The chocolate one is a bit rich for me.

Their lunch pizzas are also excellent!

Approximate cost: $15

08 Feb 2009

Found them on the web when searching for kanwal pizza. Ordered by phone and drove direct to their shop - all ready for pickup - and the pizzas are incredible - seriously give them a try. The web was www.kanwalpizza.com.au

Approximate cost: $15

02 Jan 2009

A real find. A treat to find probably the best tasting real pizza available, right here in Kanwal. Ask for the homemade Tiramisu-it's something else.

28 Nov 2008

Phoned from their website and ordered.. go there in 15 mins and everything was ready. Fantastic tasting pizza - far better then the local eagle boys i usually go to.

11 Jun 2008

the service is fantastic! the guy serving me couldn't do enough, even though i am really fussy! i would go to this shop any time i want pizza, or a GREAT coffee!

Approximate cost: $12.00

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