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29 Dec 2016

[redacted due to personal identifier and generalisations]
Cubes, if they show up at all, will shop up any day other than that they said they would.
These cubes just save the going to the shop 'effort'; you still have to peel, slice, and do all the rest of the work - it is not, as I expected, a matter of just quickly giving the ingredients a final cook. They just shove in a small plastic box, unpeeled onions and garlic, minute pieces of meat (less than 200 g 'steaks'), free samples of sauces, unsliced or chopped vegetables (e.g. chunk of cabbage).
Seriously not worth the money. Look at other options, you will do MUCH better.

03 Apr 2015

I love these healthy meal kits so convenient they come in a fresh food box and delivered to my home each week on a meal plan easy to cook a gourmet dinner in no time at all. I love Kelly Cube.

Approximate cost: $9

11 Aug 2014

Amazing! We ordered online, it was delivered the same day. The Quality of the meat and fresh veg was 5/5. Look out for our review on our online magazine soon!

Approximate cost: $10

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