13 reviews about Keysborough Animal Shelter

05 Jan 2019

bought my beautiful girl there in 2003. staffy x husky. She was my bf.. loved her to death. she passed away 6 yrs ago.
the shelter was great when i adopted her. highly recommend.

Approximate cost: $200

09 Jul 2016

I adopted my beautiful boy from there in l think about 2005. He was a black Lab x staffy with the most beautiful temperament his name in the shelter was buster but l called him jasper. Sadly he passed away. Just wanted to thank everyone there for making the adoption of my baby easy. He had a very good life was walked every day and spent the rest of his life indoors with every comfort of home. He never went hungry or cold.

26 May 2015

Took my dog for a annual vaccination lovely staff and vet and the bill was $30 less than I was quoted at a private vet. Have booked my dog in for de sexing and teeth cleaning which is half the price of anywhere else. The young lady vet was very helpful and friendly.

Approximate cost: $70

19 Aug 2013

I ended up at this shelter having a look for my friends cat that was missing at the time. Although we didnt find the cat there, there doing a great job re-uniting pet owners with there lost pets. Staff are really friendly and i am sure they offer discounted desexing of your pet.

18 Aug 2013

these guys are very thorough and willing to help on all animal aspects. took me through a great process when i lost my cat and kept my details and were so gentle with my heart broken girlfriend.

11 Aug 2013

Some of the most beautiful souls walk through here be it 2 legged or 4, but the 2 legged ones are not only kind and gentle souls but warm and passionate about what they do. Recently i lost my beloved pet of 17 years and had a lot of food etc i didnt want wasted and upon bringing it to them they could see i was upset and not only did they comfort me in a time of need but they also listened and didnt just take what i had to offer but offered me a shoulder to cry on and a notice in remembrance for my beloved pet/ They could have just taken the donation and that was it but the staff there showed compassion, caring and love that only real animal lovers can. They are a not for profit organisation and need every bit of help to keep doing what they do best. A wonderful place for animals to go to until they are fortunate enough to find their forever homes.

Approximate cost: $na

13 Jul 2013

The Keysborough animal shelter is a very well run shelter and veterinary clinic in a convenient location. They offer a range of services including cat and dog adoption, pet check ups, microchipping and vaccinations, all of which are completed in return for customer donations which go back into running the shelter.

Pets housed at the shelter are kept in facilities which are comfortable and safe for them, and they are cared for exceptionally well by the friendly team of staff (and veterinarians where necessary). Staff are well informed and helpful.

The veterinarian service is especially great, providing well priced services, especially for those in need. I'd definitely return and I would love to adopt from this shelter in the future.

12 Jul 2013

We brought my kitten from here, she had been sent to many different homes and had been sent back from all of them. We found her in one of the pens lying in a corner. The enclosure of most animals are decent, there are blankets and opportunities for the animals to hide. The majority of the animals seem quite happy and the staff at times are hard to get hold of, but are pleasant and cAre about the animals. We have returned and brought another two cats from here, we now have 3.

10 Jul 2013

I bought my gorgeous malamute from here. He wasn't too good with his diet at the time, so they kept him for a few more days. He was so happy and bouncy but very thin. They decided to release him, as they thought he might pick up when he got home. Because he is very social, he hated being confined to a pen. He improved massively when we got him home. The staff were very good and the cost is great. They are very busy on a weekend. Best to go through the week if you decide to buy a pet.

10 Aug 2009

This is a great place to get your pets vaccinated. All the money goes back to helping the stray animals in the shelter. It's not like some other vets where they charge premiums for their services. The staff and Vets are friendly and knowledgeable.

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