4 reviews about Kidi Kingdom Child Care

06 Oct 2016

Thank you to the Kidi Kingdom Child Care for an incredible early childhood curriculum that engages and teaches at all steps of the day, and a special thanks to Kidi Kingdom staff, my daughter is very happy and we as a parents we are so satisfied of the Kidi Kingdom service.

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Renee Gooch
17 Sep 2014

My child has attended the Kidi Kingdom Childcare Centre at Waterford West since February 2014. During this time, 1 have had the opportunity to develop relationships with my child's teachers, as well as the other educators in the service, which have left me feeling safe and secure that my child is being adequately cared for. The Pre-Prep room has been such a great stepping stone for my child, there is no doubt in my mind that he is now ready and capable for school next year, to which I owe huge credit to his teacher's Miss Peta and Miss Sharnie for their continuous efforts teaching the children in the room, the alphabet; letters and sounds, mathematics; counting, shapes and colours, and most importantly social skills, such as building friendships and appropriate conflict resolution. The team is outgoing and friendly and go the extra mile with families by not only getting to know children's parents, but also grandparents and siblings. I love how centre events are organised and include the children's families. Nothing goes uncelebrated at Kidi Kingdom and it is great to see the diversity of cultures within the centre recognised and valued. Undoubtedly Kidi Kingdom Childcare Centre at Waterford West has created some great memories for us and we will sadly miss the centre and its educators next year when Charlie goes to school, however we will be sure to keep in touch, as we have all made lifelong friends!

Tanua B.
16 Sep 2014

I hated the thought of returning to work and leaving my daughter in Child Care, but the staff at Kidi Kingdom put my mind at ease they are just great with her and she loves it and has made great friends. The staff is really friendly.

Natalie M.
24 Apr 2014

I am very happy with Kidi Kingdom Child Care. My 3 year old son attends 5 days a week. I have used other child care centres in the area and have found that this centre stands out against the others. I have been recommending them to all parents, as I know how hard it is to find a good quality child care centre. Natalie M.

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