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30 Mar 2016

the dumplings that i have had at kwans is so yummy. pastry isn't so thick which is how i like it. as you can enjoy the filling and not just eat pastry of the dumplings.

28 Mar 2010

I've only ever bought the packaged dim sim's from Kwan's but the xiao long bao totally blew me away. A bit bigger and meatier than from your average shanghainese joint, but very tasty. Really good to keep in your freezer for a snack or for a meal any time of the day!

16 Feb 2010

on my visit, the service was a little slow, however this was more than compensated for with the loevly food that we were presented with. all in all a great trip out,

14 Apr 2008

A great little place in Box Hill to get prepared Dim Sim, Wontons, Dumplings to cook at home. Just as good as you would get in the restaurants (in fact they supply local restaurants and the Exhibition building). Yum!

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