7 reviews about La Porchetta

27 Jul 2012

I love the food at La Porchetta but the restaurant is very crowded and loud. Service although polite can be very slow at times. Would rather have takeaway from them.

01 May 2012

Went in there for a lunch, had a sneak peek in the kitchen on the way in, it was looking very messy. Ice cream on display had a few flies caught in there. Wouldn't go back there again!

25 Feb 2012

Their mushroom risotto is absolutely amazing! The prices are fantastic value. My only issue is that it is difficult to get someone's attention for a drink refill!

Approximate cost: $10

03 Sep 2009

Quick and convenient, as well as offering a range of italian food to suit all. Great for big groups. Service is quite good. Very popular, so quite loud, which adds to the atmosphere of the restaurant.

Approximate cost: $10-20

07 Jul 2009

I am a regular at this restaurant as it is around the corner from me. It's generally nice, cheap and great for a quick meal. I try different things off the menu each time and I can't say I've been let down yet. The only thing I'd complain about is there always seems to be babies or toddlers in high chairs who scream, cry and throw food around near where I sit. I understand they are just kids being kids but I wish the restaurant would seat them in a particular area so that the other diners can have a pleasant experience.

Approximate cost: $20

18 Jun 2009

A pretty standard la pochetta experience both as takeaway or dine-in. Family friendly restaurant with space and high chairs available. Food reliably arrives, not fabulous but good.

27 May 2008

ive been there heaps with family and i really like their food-it always fills me up and i never finish what i order because it is so much food but i love the spinach and ricotta pie thingy and their pizzas are pretty good too!their desserts are awesome i never get to have them because i am so full but they're great

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