11 reviews about L&P Nails

20 Dec 2018

Very good staff and priced well. Just took a long time.

02 Nov 2018

I have been getting my nails done here for the past 7 years. Always do a fantastic job. No complaints here.

22 Aug 2016

Extremely rude stuff, had a full set of Acrilan nails done, I asked to have them quite short and as thin as possible .
Thr lady was more interested in her phone, and was angry because she wanted to finish early because she had a party to go to. Nails look horrible, unnatural, bulky and are sticking up!
Never going back again. I was recommended a really good salon in senctuary lakes that will hopefully will be able to fix the unsightly nails.

Approximate cost: $45

09 Oct 2015

Never ever get waxing done here. I have been going to l&p nails since they opened until today when not only where my eyebrows hacked at I left with missing a chunk of my left eyebrow. My services cost $53 and after demanding some kind of compensation I was offered a $20 voucher and a $8 refund for the eyebrow wax! Being treated like I was putting them out and being unreasonable for asking for a full refund and a voucher for waxing until my eyebrow had grown back and an apology. You have lost a loyal customer who normally raves about your service and sends everyone in your direction. Now I have to make friends with an eyebrow pencil for the next 6 months.

02 Oct 2014

Have been going here for 2 years. Always good, always friendly, good price - no complaints. My nails ALWAYS last longer when they are done here. Highly recommended.

12 Oct 2013

I'm not sure how this place got such good reviews - maybe I went to the wrong place? This is the nail techs near subway right? DEFINITELY the WORST service I've ever had! It was RUSH me in RUSH me out.

Be warned!! You get what you pay for. I paid 26 for arcrylic nail refills replacing one broken nail. It's cheap but I'm happier to put in an extra $5 for someone who isn't going to RUSH my nails, do a proper job and paint my nails better than what I can do myself at home for free. I've been getting my nails done for YEARS and this was absolutely horrific service. My thumbs turned out looking like toes because she made it too short (despite my request) and made it square when I asked for round with flat tops.

Anyway, if you choose this place, I hope you have a better experience.. but be warned.

Approximate cost: $26

priscilla-h 05 Jan 2016 · 0% Trust

Worst place ever steer clear
No customer service at all
Staff very rude
Nails are terrible

09 Aug 2013

I was a bit hesitant to change from my usual nail salon as I've had bad experiences in most, but L&P Nails do a great job! I usually go in for a full set of acrylic nails with colour of my choice or even treat myself to French tips once in a while because the prices are so much cheaper than most other salons. But in saying that the quality is good too and my nails seem to last longer!

Approximate cost: $35-40

21 Dec 2012

Very friendly staff, great prices and my nails look great and have lasted a lot longer than most. Plus, they sterilise their equipment!! Highly recommended. Just be advised in advance, they only take cash, no EFTPOS

Approximate cost: $40

02 Mar 2012

I have been to Leigh Nails in hogans corner a couple of times now and in addition to their cost being well below the other salons they always seem to have time to take a customer without appointment. First time i went i was delighted with my nails but second time i didnt feel that what i wanted was coming across and the nail lady just kept on doing her thing with little or lets say, Lack of consideration for my requests. I would still go again lol. Technicians are good at what they do so it really is a bargain not just cheap work for cheap price.

Approximate cost: $35

03 May 2011

have been going to see Leigh for a few years now & i am always happy with the service & quality of their work.
Cost is far cheaper than any other nail salon i have been to. More than happy to keep going there for years to come.

Approximate cost: $25

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