5 reviews about Lawrencia Cycles

16 Jul 2015

Just picked up my bike for a free after sales service. No complaints I got the bike at a great price (I looked at the internet for best price first) Had a few minor issues with the bike but they were all fixed up

Approximate cost: $650

02 Mar 2015

Let's be hoest, a store exists to make sales. To do this it must offer good prices and service. I have bought several bikes, the last one today, and have always been happy with my experience. The staff give very good service especially weekdays when they are less busy. A lot of people just use stores for free advice but if you are keen to buy come here. Gordon measured my old bike geometry to make the new bike the same and even changed components on a stock bike to make the fit ideal. No one was rude, no one gave the bike bad servicing - it did have to be set up, and I was given an excellent price. It pays to do your own research on google or youtube and come to the store with some knowledge. Also I believe you are often treated the way you treat others. Be kind and patient and you will get a good deal. Give this place a try!

29 Jul 2011

I have been a customer of Lawrencia Cycles for years having bought 3 bikes and used their servicing a number of times. They are a relatively large and well known bicycle business, with a large range of products and reasonable pricing.

On the sales side, there is a great range of of bikes at good prices, and they will negotiate strongly. Getting independant advice is a bit hit and miss, but on the right day you'll get someone who is helpful.

Mechanical servicing is however a particularly weak point, and I have now stopped using Lawrencia to get my bikes serviced. This is the sort of shop that takes one look at you and recommends replacing your chain and rear cassette. On my last visit they even put a chain guage on the bike - looked me in the eye and told me it was worn out. It was not, and I said no. In fact the bike was only 6 months old and 2 years later I still have the original chain and there is nothing wrong with it. Don't expect those headstem sqeaks or stiff cables to be sorted either. You'll likely be charged for it, but the bike will come back little different.

In summary, I'd say Lawrencia is a good place to buy a bike or spare parts if you know what you want and are willing to haggle, but look elsewhere for servicing.

Approximate cost: $3000

23 Sep 2007

THis is a good local store and they cater for a number of sports but mainly cycling and have a very good range of bikes particulary hybrid and road bikes. They have full time bike servising but usually unable to immediatly attend to any repairs over the weekend.

12 Aug 2007

I purchased a bike from this store, and found that the customer service great, the prices competitive, servicing professional and quick, and they stock a good range of products. Although the store is quite far from where I live, I continually take my bike there for servicing as they have always done a good job for a reasonable price

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