16 reviews about Leos Fine Foods

29 Jul 2014

I love the selection of foods at Leo's. When I can't find something at Coles, or Woolies, I go to Leo's and usually find it. I wouldn't shop there regularly though because, even though they claim on their web site that their prices are competitive, they aren't. Everything there is way too expensive.

06 Jul 2013

As you walk into this place you smell the fresh orange juice they sell here! It's a pleasure to do your shopping here (well the deli service is a bit lacking, the lady we had was rude) but otherwise the range. Persian fairy floss, some organic baby products you only find in health food shops, it's just so gourmet. And their specials are pretty good! This is a great place to buy a present or for that special something to bring to your firends place.

18 Dec 2012

The service - well. A couple of occasions a stuff-up has happened with the terminal for EFT not working, the staff member appearing very glum and not as professional as he should have been? They staff sometimes is a bit 'short' but... other than that there are heaps of great products. One can get coffee ground here like mainstream supermarkets used to offer! There's quinoa, different fancy teas to infuse and 'bag', Asian goodies and noodles to cook and eat and even soy yoghurt and tofu for those who live not near a mainstream brand of supermarket and want those kind of products. A great place to source out organic products.

05 Nov 2012

Like some of the other reviewers, this is our local supermarket.

The quality of the fresh produce is so superior to the local rivals (in particular, Safeway in Heidelberg should take a site visit and write notes) that we dont consider the alternatives.

Staff are friendly to a person, and they know the products in the store. John the Baker is a real character and believe it or not, is still making lamingtons ! I recommend doing the Pepsi challenge on these against the Coles equivalent.

Expect to pay a bit more at the register, but its a quality experience well ahead of the competition.

In short, get the lamingtons.

28 Sep 2012

Best supermarket in the area. They stock unusual items that would be hard to get from another supermarket yet has basic generic branded items as well.
Staff are always polite and very helpful. I have also contacted their head office before trying to find something. They emailed back the next day on expected date when item will be stocked and also a manager name if I cannot find it instore.

15 Jan 2012

My favourite supermarket. Lots of gourmet products and also everyday items. I go there for mostnof my shopping

em11 04 Jul 2012 · 100% Trust

There is Leos Fine Foods with supermarket.
It's good price of coffee and some foods.

08 Jun 2011

The quality is good at leo's. They have alot of fine food although you defiantly pay for the quality of their food. You wouldn't see me doing my weekly shop there.

Approximate cost: $100

03 Mar 2011

The blister pack of 4 x walnut & apple muffins at $5.00 is one of my big finds. Really fresh, delish & cheap. Just love browsing the shelves in the Heidelberg store.

09 Feb 2010

I do love this store, They have great variety, however if you are after just your everyday stuff they are really over priced. There also does never seem to be anyone in charge so there is no one to go to for help. Could be better. But I do love the gourmet food they stock.

08 Feb 2010

They always have high quality fresh fruit and vegetables with unbelievable variety. Exclusive and hard to find groceries. The store is classy , clean and always at a good temperature. Lots of free parking and decent trolleys, freshly squeezed orange juice all the time. A gourmet store in more ways than one

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